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  • Pricksongs Descants Fictions
  • Robert Coover
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  • 05 August 2017
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Pricksongs Descants Fictions Read & Download ã 104 Stories In these riotously word drunk fictional romps two children follow an old man into the woods trailing bread crumbs behind and edging helplessly toward a sinister end that never comes; a husband walks toward the bed where his wife awaits his caresses but by the time he arrives she's been dead for three weeks and detectives are poun In his piece For Bob collected in the 2012 The Review of Contemporary Fiction dedicated to Coover author Joe Ashby Porter says about his first encounter with this book it so bowled me over I had to teach it to understand it better A perfect explanation to how this collection of stories feels upon the first readingCoover does than deconstruct familiar myths and fairy tales he was one of those first writers that wanted to do something with the structure of fiction Some of these pieces might appear uneven and unstable but it is pure jazz tip o the hat to NR and perhaps as readers we aren t intended to totally get it

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Pricksongs Descants Fictions Read & Download ã 104 Pricksongs Descants originally published in 1969 is a virtuoso performance that established its author already a William Faulkner Award winner for his first novel as a writer of enduring power and unuestionable brilliance a promise he has fulfilled over a stellar career It also began Coover's now trademark riffs on fairy tales and bedtime Pricksongs Descants is mostly about the power of human imaginationThat sweep odour that girls have The softness of her blouse He catches a glimpse of the gentle shadows amid her thighs as she curls her legs up under herImagination is rich but it plays dirty And that s a reason so many prefer to live an imaginary life in a realm where everyone can be kingHe loves her She loves him And then the babies come And dirty nappies and one goddamn meal after another Dishes Noise Clutter And fatThat s the real life Who wants it

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Pricksongs Descants Fictions Read & Download ã 104 Ding down the door; a teenaged babysitter's evening becomes a kaleidoscope of dangerous erotic fantasies her employer's her boyfriend's her own; an aging humble carpenter marries a beautiful but frigid woman and after he's waited weeks to consummate their union she announces that God has made her pregnant Now available in a Grove paperbac Holy shit This is some crazy something All the edgy writers that young folk like us like They don t have shit on this guy Seriously my reviews are just utterly devolving At any rateliterally every fundamental aspect of fiction is toyed with in here characterization timeline voice perspective The overall effect is one of complete disorientation but it s the hardest my brain has had to work to read a book in a long while and that to me is valuable as hell