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Read Rumours of Rain André Brink À 7 Read Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB À André Brink Winter in South Africa a time of searing drought angry stirrings in Soweto and the shadow of the Angolan conflict cast across the scorc I will start with a little contextual background The Mookse and the Gripes group has chosen a historic Booker shortlist to discuss and evaluate in the way we have been discussing the most recent one and 1978 was the year that won the vote The 1978 prize was won by Iris Murdoch s The Sea the Sea which was a worthy winner but for me this book is almost as goodBrink s narrator Martin Mynhardt must have been constructed to personify the most unpalatable elements of apartheid South Africa and its Afrikaner ruling class He is a rich and successful businessman and mine owner who is arrogant insensitive exploitative and misogynistic As a narrative voice this takes some getting used to but Brink s talent is such that one almost feels sorry for him by the end of this tale which sees the cosy complacencies of his world and his attempts to keep its various elements separate dismantled piece by piece over the course of a long weekend He emerges as a nuanced character deeply flawed but very human The portrayals of his friends and family are skilfully drawn but also somewhat symbolic his best friend Bernard is a lawyer who has decided he has to fight the system and is on trial and his son Louis has come back from military service in Angola deeply disillusioned and uestioning The foreground events of the story cover Martin s reminiscences of a trip with his son to visit his mother on the family farm which he needs to persuade his mother to agree to leave and sell The narrative is full of asides and back stories with many events and people alluded to long before their stories are revealed in detail The events of the book seem all the relevant given what happened a dozen years later Brink s analysis of why the system had to change is impressive perceptive and prophetic

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Read Rumours of Rain André Brink À 7 Read Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB À André Brink Hed bush Martin Mynhardt a wealthy Afrikaner plans a weekend at his old family farm But his visit coincides with a time of crisis in hi And with this book the 1978 Booker shortlist ends with a whimper This started out promising but it soon became tiresome Fundamentally I just don t think it s properly a novel In 1978 the fashion for novels as moral and historical edification was perhaps not what it has become now but I did read it now and I am heartily tired of this mode One comes away from this book thinking that the message appears to be that apartheid is bad and so is the war with Angola Again perhaps this was a necessary message in 1978 than it is now but I was convinced of this before I read page one The characters appear to exist largely to personify various issues and types and not as characters in their own right and metaphors of apartheid as male compartmentalization are heavy handed I also simply do not believe that a woman like Bea would date our narrator nor he her if it comes to that adding disbelief to her role as symbol of the woman who feels things as we all should It s sad that the most interesting and real character would be the narrator and even he lapses into treatise style discourse as Brink appears to be trying to put the case for apartheid up next to the case against it I was frankly relieved to reach the end I know it s possible to write big novels of ideas and I do love them but this is a novel of an idea a novel with a message and it s not the same thing

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Read Rumours of Rain André Brink À 7 Read Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB À André Brink S personal life In a few days the security of a lifetime is destroyed and Mynhardt is left to face the wreckage of his future back cove I have to say this was a really hard read because I had such an early dislike for the main character not that one was supposed to feel that way but it was the nature of the person A historical perspective that I have never experienced and I feel I learned an incredible amount by reading