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André Brink ´ 3 read review Rumours of Rain 103 Corched bush Martin Mynhardt a wealthy Afrikaner plans a weekend at his old family farm But his visit coincides with a time of cris And with this book the 1978 Booker shortlist ends with a whimper This started out promising but it soon became tiresome Fundamentally I just don t think it s properly a novel In 1978 the fashion for novels as moral and historical edification was perhaps not what it has become now but I did read it now and I am heartily tired of this mode One comes away from this book thinking that the message appears to be that apartheid is bad and so is the war with Angola Again perhaps this was a necessary message in 1978 than it is now but I was convinced of this before I read page one The characters appear to exist largely to personify various issues and types and not as characters in their own right and metaphors of

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André Brink ´ 3 read review Rumours of Rain 103 Winter in South Africa a time of searing drought angry stirrings in Soweto and the shadow of the Angolan conflict cast across the s I rate Rumours of Rain very highly I confess though that I haven t read any Gordimer and very little Coetzee so this view of South African apartheid has probably been very well fictionalisedfactionalised elsewhere It s unusual to come across a story where from start to finish the narrator our eyes and ears is the most reviled character Once I had a true feel for Martin Mynhardt as apologist for the spurious justification of apartheid I felt as reader actively engaged in seeing through the nonsense being promoted I found this a great narrative deviceMy only criticism of Rumours of Rain is that the odious main character Martin Mynhardt so openly revealed as a narcissist exploitative in every respect is l

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André Brink ´ 3 read review Rumours of Rain 103 Is in his personal life In a few days the security of a lifetime is destroyed and Mynhardt is left to face the wreckage of his futu I have to say this was a really hard read because I had such an early dislike for the main character not that one was supposed to feel that way but it was the nature of the person A historical perspective that I have never experienced and I feel I learned an incredible amount by reading

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