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review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Adam Cadre Adam Cadre ☆ 3 download review Ready Okay 103 Es Is this a rollicking comedy or a bleak tragedyAnswer yesThis book is an emotional roller coaster One minute you're laughing at the narrator next minute your heart is pounding next minute you can't sit still next minute you're screaming and the next minute you're crying Then it starts again Sarah Strickland GoodreadsDo not turn your back on this novel It is garishly funny fierce as hell and surprisingly suddenly full of grace Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket If you've read this book before but the uotes look a little unfamiliar not uite what you remember from the hardcover that's because this is the fully revised second edition of Ready Okay Visit to learn about it. The very first sentence of this book tells you that it s not going to end happily Lots of people are going to die Within the first couple chapters you realize that they re going to die in a shooting probably reminiscent of Columbine And you are not mistaken Don t get me wrong this book is very funny The characters are memorable uniue and yet stunningly familiar to anyone who went to high school in the last decade and perhaps longer I don t know what high school was like before the early 1990s Granted my high school years were notably lacking in the sex drugs alcohol and violence departments but adolescents are still adolescents regardless of whether they re being self destructive The narrator s commentary on child and teenage communication is hilariously accurate and I felt myself nodding along with a lot of the inanityHowever during the last hundred pages or so it starts to drag a bit Tragedy after tragedy strikes people start acting very much unlike teenagers or real people at all and there is a lengthy and rather disturbing discussion of nudism and incest It s one of those books that I m glad I read but I m also not surprised it wasn t what you might call critically acclaimed Ultimately I think I would recommend this book to teenagers It s most relevant to their lives the rest of us are lucky enough to have lived through it already

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review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Adam Cadre Adam Cadre ☆ 3 download review Ready Okay 103 Matic contrast to his own but now it too is showing signs of falling apartShe looked like she'd been treated with a glaze made from fairies' wings and angels' haloes He had the body of a Greek god and not even one of the crappy ones like Deipneus the god of breadAt school he meets September At first her family seems to have it together So why is she always calling in a panic asking for help with yet another crisisSomeone had put on Super Sounds of Stagflation or some other 'Best of the '70s' compilation and he had taken to the dance floor like a one man disco inferno or at least a disco grease fireAll right what gives Somber plot lines warnings of disaster but wacky uot. I don t know how to feel right now

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review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Adam Cadre Adam Cadre ☆ 3 download review Ready Okay 103 REVISED SECOND EDITIONThe day I turned sixteen years old I had no idea that in a few weeks nearly everyone I cared about would be dead It was therefore with a free and unclouded spirit that I went down to the DMV and failed my driving testAllen Mockery's family is in ruins He and his siblings have been left to fend for themselves and the results Gang fights in the driveway The occasional police raid And explosions are among the less disconcerting sounds from the room across the hallI'll have a kiwano cherimoya smoothie please And for my two free mix ins paprika and ibuprofenAllen has found a refuge at his best friend Peggy's house Hers seemed like the ideal family a dra. On Cadre s website he mentions that one of his favorite kinds of stories are those which establish a false ceiling they suggest a certain narrative capacity which is eventually surpassed when the reason for that initial limitation is revealed and eliminated He does something similar in this book in which a precocious high schooler relates the events leading up to his final year of school at the end of which as he warns in the very first line and periodically thereafter nearly everyone he cares about will be deadThat would make for a grim tale were it not for two things the narrator Allen s constant uipping and his adoration for the bright spots he sees in the broken world around him These bright spots take the form of the girls in his life almost without exception his sisters neighbors and friends are pretty much the only things he cares about and so most of this story is about themUnfortunately other people also inhabit Allen s world and they tend toward monstrous caricature His brothers exemplify this one s a self absorbed computer prodigy who barely leaves his room while the other is every bad stereotype about teenage boys wrapped in an acne covered hateful package Those who fail to feature in Allen s personal constellation of astonishing perfection are reduced to cardboard cut outs with no depth or complexity except in those cases where they reveal hidden depths of maliceSo between the extravagant cast of characters and Allen s joke a minute delivery the pace can be a little exhausting at times a fact exacerbated by his disinterest in a chronological description of eventsDespite what I ve written here I really enjoyed the book even if certain of Allen s attitudes and aspects of his single minded perspective hit uncomfortably close to home It feels a bit like what you might get if Wes Anderson had grown up reading comics in the 80s and wound up as a writer rather than a filmmaker