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Return of the Strong Gods free read ´ 106 Us world without borders freed from dogmas and managed by experts But the populism and nationalism that are upending politics in America and Europe are a sign that after three generations the postwar consensus is breaking down With compelling insight R R Reno argues that we are witnessing the return of the “strong gods” the powerful loyalties that bind men to their homeland and to one another Reacting to the calamitous first half of the twentieth century our political cultural and financial elites promoted open borders open markets and open minds But this never ending project of openness has hard. I d give it a 35 As with most conservative writing his analysis is on point but his prescriptions are wanting The book begins promisingly with incisive explications of the purposeful weakening or relaxing of western convictions as a means of warding off the strong gods of Christianity and fascism But Reno s writing belabors the point and grows cumbersome with examples Also the work spends much too little time actually talking about the return of the strong gods Given the title one expected the majority of the book not to be the gods dissolution but their you know actual return Instead we get a scant ending chapter that really is uninspiring

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Return of the Strong Gods free read ´ 106 'Return of the Strong Gods'is a thoughtful contribution to American political debate It is incisively written and full of modern observations Mr Reno explains better than any book I can remember the present day progressive's paranoid fear of fascism and neurotic determination to ferret out racism where none exists  The Wall Street Journal After the staggering slaughter of back to back world wars the West embraced the ideal of the “open society” The promise By liberating ourselves from the old attachments to nation clan and religion that had fueled centuries of violence we could build a prospero. This one was a bit of a chore Thank God it was short 166 pages it felt longer The first two thirds of the book were particularly weighty and rather dry I do though feel it is an extremely well argued and important work of political philosophy and sociology by one of the most intelligent authors I ve ever read Think of William F Buckley on steroidsbut less engaging and not humorous at all In hindsight you could probably read the final two chapters and get the gist well enough A readable treatise on conservative nationalism is Colin Dueck s Age of Iron

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Return of the Strong Gods free read ´ 106 Ened into a set of anti dogmatic dogmas which destroy the social solidarity rooted in family faith and nation While they worry about the return of fascism our societies are dissolving But man will not tolerate social dissolution indefinitely He longs to be part of a “we” the fruit of shared loves which gives his life meaning The strong gods will return Reno warns in one form or another Our task is to attend to those that appealing to our reason as well as our hearts inspire the best of our traditions Otherwise we shall invite the darker gods whose return our open society was intended to forestall. Valuable for its uniuefreshunexpected treatment of Popper and certainly pressing The last 40 pages far outshine the rest of the book as its focus turns to the role of love in the political realm and they alone make it a worthy read Here s one of the most outstanding uotes But love is always eccentric It impels us outside ourselves breaking the boundaries of me centered existence Love seeks to unite with and rest in that which is moved This outflowing of the self makes love the engine of solidarity The strong gods of public life are uite simply the objects of our shared lives They are whatever arouses in us an ardor to add our destinies to that which we love Certainly worthwhile esp if one is seeking to understand the deep philosophical underpinnings of countercultural conservatism