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S.E. Jakes Ø 0 Free download Review Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø S.E. Jakes Running Blind Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook L he’s dead so he decides to lay low and healBut when his younger brother’s disappearance throws a wrench into his plan Bram ends up in Shades Run a town ruled by the notorious Havoc MC In less than twenty four hours Bram finds himself at the mercy of Sweet Havoc’s president as he throws himself into the undercover role of a lifetime hi. SE Jakes is back and hot as ever I reread Running Wild right before this and it was good but didn t really hit all the right notes for me Sweet and Bram were everything I love about Jake s books It reminded me a little of some of the Men of Honor series which are all time favorites of mine Adding the whole MC background and atmosphere throttled it right up The characters are nearly always tough broken men who deal with life and death and dark situations bad boys with their own code of honor These kind of books are my crack Sweet and Bram are hot as fire in bed with a shared love of kink but little trust when the safety of their brothers is at stake I loved the volatility of their connection and the rapid pace of the action putting them in opposition only to find they were really on the same side It could have become annoying with so much pushing and pulling but because it was each trying to protect the other the connection and love showed through Their chemistry was awesome The shifting scenarios of the plot were complex and satisfying I don t know what kept the author out of the scene for so long but I m just thrilled she s taken to the keyboard once again

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S.E. Jakes Ø 0 Free download Review Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø S.E. Jakes Running Blind Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Mself A man who’s never belonged anywhere and who will do anything to protect his younger brother When finding Linc seems impossible Bram is torn between Sweet Linc and revealing his true identities and there appears to be no way out Once again he risks it all trying to save it all Only this time he’s got no backup to save him if he falls. oh my god this book is out

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S.E. Jakes Ø 0 Free download Review Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø S.E. Jakes Running Blind Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook An ATF agent who lives for danger finds what he craves from an outlaw bikerIt’s impossible for a one percenter motorcycle club member to simply walk away and no one knows that better than undercover agent Bram who’s almost killed for trying His cover isn’t blown yet but it’s only a matter of time The Heathens won’t be satisfied unti. Had expected The second book in the Havoc series centers around undercover ATF agent Bram Monk 32 and the the president of Havoc Samuel Sweet Sweeting how old Sweet we met in book one same with Bram s younger brother who has now gone missing Bran however is a new character Broken and uite ready to accept that death is right around the corner he s willing to do everything it takes to find his brother even entering a MC club This is where he meet Sweet who is also looking for Bram s brother but for different reasons Overall I was uite disappointed For some reason I though the ATF again we were gonna have a the main character were Jethro Holmes who we met in book one Wouldn t that had been interesting Anyways this book had a case of insta love and too much sex and too little depth Sweet came a second later somehow still managing to half hold Bram up against himGod how long had it been Months and months of his own hand he realized as he tried to get his breathing under control Because prospects in the Heathens fucked women no bisexuals or gays allowed So he d turned himself into a goddamned monk hence the nickname and pretended he d been wounded in battle so he didn t have to fuck indiscriminatelyAlthough he loved women he mostly missed the goddamned weight the pressure and brute strength of a man on him Sweet had given him everything he d asked for OTHER CHARACTERS Linc the brother missing and their sister Linnea Parisi Bram s ATF bossthe one who approached him about becoming a Heathen MC member in order to take parts of their operation down from the inside And view spoilerthe one who s betraying Bram by selling him out to the Heathens MC hide spoiler

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