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Laila Lalami ✓ 8 Read Secret Son Read ✓ 108 S and influential father his own penthouse apartment and all the luxuries associated with his new status His future appears assured until an abrupt reversal of fortune sends him back to the streets and his childhood friends where a fringe Islamic group known simply as the Party has se. Growing up in the Casablanca slumps Youssef is urged by he s mother to pursue he s education at college and try to better himselfYoussef soon learns that he s believed dead father is still alive in fact he s a wealthy businessmanGiven the choice of abandoning he s past Youssef has the opportunity to live a wealthy lifestyleWhich will he chooseA pretty simple story that highlights the gulf in the class divide a well written novel which drew me in straight from the first chapterIt gave a nice insight into what life is like in Morocco a perfect choice for my WorldCupInBooks

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Laila Lalami ✓ 8 Read Secret Son Read ✓ 108 Youssef el Mekki a young man of nineteen is living with his mother in the slums of Casablanca when he discovers that the father he believed to be dead is in fact alive and eager to befriend and support him Leaving his mother behind Youssef assumes a life he could only dream of a famou. fast read well written one son s personal anguish cradled in Morocco s class struggles and corruption among the ruling class recommended reading

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Laila Lalami ✓ 8 Read Secret Son Read ✓ 108 T up its headuarters In the spirit of The Inheritance of Loss and The Reluctant Fundamentalist Laila Lalami's powerful first novel explores the struggle for identity the need for family and the desperation that overtakes ordinary lives in a country divided by class politics and religi. Disappointing Writing was simplistic dialogue unimaginative plot unbelievable Possibly if you had no exposure to other parts of the world you might learn something But there are so many books that do a much better job of this Brick Lane The Inheritence of Loss for example Disappointed that it was chosen by Seattle Public Library for it s Seattle Reads promotion I only finished it because it was easy reading and my book club chose it because it was part of Seattle Reads Seattle would be better off watching TV

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  • Secret Son
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  • 10 May 2017
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