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Laila Lalami ´ 9 Summary Secret Son Free read Û 109 T up its headuarters In the spirit of The Inheritance of Loss and The Reluctant Fundamentalist Laila Lalami's powerful first novel explores the struggle for identity the need for family and the desperation that overtakes ordinary lives in a country divided by class politics and religi The novel was a bit fast paced and talked about different heavy matters religion politics family and identity issueshierarchy in society and it is influence too much drama for my tasteIt was alright as an audiobook despite my general dislike to infidelity and lies in books It wasn t boring just not my taste and sometimes I was left confusedI wonder how someone who doesn t know Arabic and french think of the untranslated bits personally didn t understand any of the french sentence except Bonjour

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Laila Lalami ´ 9 Summary Secret Son Free read Û 109 Youssef el Mekki a young man of nineteen is living with his mother in the slums of Casablanca when he discovers that the father he believed to be dead is in fact alive and eager to befriend and support him Leaving his mother behind Youssef assumes a life he could only dream of a famou This book has such an enjoyable writing style it s very accessible and the book is a really uick read and a pleasant read despite its tragic subject matter This book had a good mix of the personal and political heavy on the personal which I liked I got a great feel for various parts of Morocco and what it feels like to be an immigrant I admired how while parts of this story are about big issues the significance of the psychological aspects of family including what s happened in past generations and of friends and community and most of all the importantce of each person s psychological makeup was shown clearlyIt was a little weird at first but I ended up appreciating the separate sections to show the different points of view of the various characters It was a bit jarring but it was effectiveThis book is all about betrayal both with malice and with supposed love and protection in mind It s also about the feeling of not belonging It s about poverty and injustice and other ills that can lead to poor conclusionsI understand depression despair rage and I could empathize greatly with most of the main characters the privileged and the poverty stricken But I was still not so sold on some of the events not really I was a bit stunned by the ending even though I had a good idea of what was coming I felt some relief that in the end the characters did seem realistic and true to how they d been craftedMy two main complaints about this book are what I consider a weak ending and the lack of humor Yes there are characters in good humor and even characters that experience amusement but I was never amused Perhaps it s because I knew the gist of the plot before I read the book but I felt that the book kept to a very narrow range of tone I was very engaged when I was reading at least up until toward the very end but the way the story ended left me unsatisfied I was gratified by how some of the subplots played out but ultimately I was disappointed I think I would have been much pleased by so many different endings sad or happy or any mix of the two This is wonderful storytelling but the story ended up letting me down

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Laila Lalami ´ 9 Summary Secret Son Free read Û 109 S and influential father his own penthouse apartment and all the luxuries associated with his new status His future appears assured until an abrupt reversal of fortune sends him back to the streets and his childhood friends where a fringe Islamic group known simply as the Party has se In this superb short novel Laila Lalami deftly limns the rise and fall of Youssef El Mekki unacknowledged bastard son of prominent businessman disillusioned activist and bon vivant Nabil El Amrani Seemingly sprung from the trap of the Casablanca slums when he learns that his father far from being dead is in fact a Moroccan tycoon Youssef is soon caught in a complex web of familial and political intrigue A mark of this novel s uality is its ability to portray what for many Americans is the mildly exotic culture of Morocco while also convincingly revealing the ways in which both Americans and Moroccans are enmeshed in their own cultural contexts a point illustrated in another fashion by Malcolm Gladwell s recent Outliers While each character acts as though autonomously behind the apparently simple interactions between the characters lies a complex web of human relationships cultural relationships and sometimes sinister motivations which Lalami gradually unveils Lalami s lean style unsparing eye and tight construction mean not a word is wasted in this elegant depiction of the book s all too human characters and its damning indictment of the cruel forces that manipulate them

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