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  • Paperback
  • 208
  • Seven Lies: A Novel
  • James Lasdun
  • English
  • 21 December 2017
  • 9780393329087
Seven Lies: A Novel

Download Seven Lies: A Novel Review ☆ Seven Lies: A Novel Fantasy come true his past seemingly locked behind the Berlin Wall and a new life of unbounded bliss ahead of him But then his world begins to fall apart Deeply unsatisfying as a whole the individual vignettes comprising The Life and Lies of Stefan Vogel were taut and well rendered From the early and mostly inexplicable seediness of the narrating Stefan to a jarring show of author insertion as Stefan becomes still further detached placed again inexplicably into third person mode with his future wife Inge the parts which make up this whole linger resonantly when the book is closedThis is a credit to James Lasdun s considerable chops as a short story writer painting richly vivid portraits with words character insights and in situ environmentsThe book succeeds less as a novel in my opinion where the tying together of numerous disparate elements the psychology root cause behind a treadmill of half truths a familial balancing act between failure and privilege the love story of a young pair of migr dissidents and an art scene y high society thriller

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Download Seven Lies: A Novel Review ☆ Seven Lies: A Novel Gs for love glory and freedom express themselves in a lifelong fantasy of going to America By a series of increasingly dangerous maneuvers he makes this Stefan Vogel the main character in Lasdun s novel is a vaguely likeable character who drifts through life getting himself into alarming difficulty through no apparent effort of his own In fact when something bad befalls him he dismisses it even as he watches it happen as something unavoidable because in a sense it has already occurredIn this fashion he manages to become a poet or at least a sham poet to drift into the Bohemian scene in the old East Berlin fall in love with someone who appears from the start not to really love him and contrive to elope with her to the West where his life inevitably falls apart Impending disaster is the novel s theme but rather imprecisely expressed so that not only is there a pervading sense of drift in Vogel s life but in the story itself It moves backwards and forwards sometimes confusingly between East and West and between different timeframes and doesn t so much co

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Download Seven Lies: A Novel Review ☆ Seven Lies: A Novel Part political thriller part meditation on the nature of desire and betrayal Seven Lies tells the story of Stefan Vogel a young East German whose yearnin A short uncomfortable novel that relates the story of Stefan Vogel who left East Germany with his wife in 1986 to go live in the United States The story starts in 2003 or so then goes back to his childhood up to the time leading up to his departure describing the circumstances that led up to it The characters aren t very likeable not even in a love to hate way throughout I just felt a kind of contemptuous pity They are all unfortunately the products of living under an oppressive regime Still the book had an interesting structure and was uite powerful I think it may be one that would reward rereading and I will definitely look out for Lasdun s other novel The Horned Man