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Shop Smart Save More Learn the Grocery Game and Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month

Shop Smart Save More Learn the Grocery Game and Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month summary Þ 8 Toresdecode Everyday Low Prices and other grocery store lingomaster the science of couponsorganize your shopping liststockpile effectivelyrecognize bogus bargains and anticipate real salesgo green for less green and much mu. There are really two parts to this book The first half or so of the book is about saving money at the grocery store by shopping sales and using coupons The second half is about entertaining cooking etc I m guessing the saving money part wasn t long enough to be a book on its own so it was padded with the entertaining and cooking sectionsThe whole thing is largely an advertisement for the author s subscription based website but there are some good tips especially for those who are new to couponing I liked that the author talks positively about buying organics that doesn t happen very often in books on saving money on groceries However it still contains lots of references to buying junk food like lunchables and frozen dinners as is common for these kinds of booksIf you want to eat a healthy diet you are not going to be able to save the kind of money the author advertises But the same information will help you save a lot on toiletries and cleaning supplies which will leave you with extra money to spend on fresh wholesome foodThe book is a uick and easy read If you can find a copy at your local library it s worth picking up if you are interested in couponing but I wouldn t recommend buying it

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Shop Smart Save More Learn the Grocery Game and Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month summary Þ 8 Sible shopping in one essential volume so you can feed your family and take care of their needs for thousands of dollars a year less Shop Smart Save More provides step by step instructions on how tofind and shop the right s. I realized about halfway through that I d actually read most of this on her website and that it annoyed me then too I think much of it is her tone which seems awkwardly ghostwritten overly chirpy and preachy all at the same time To be fair I ve never tried her services and maybe they can save me as much as she claims and I do realize that a household of two is a bit different than one of four and will obviously spend less but I grew up in a frugal home and have always thought of myself as frugal and I manage to do so without many coupons Gault s point is that by clipping coupons and stockpiling during sales you save a bunch of money but I don t uite agree with her suggestions of buying frozen dinners and processed foods As I ve started shopping for a household where we make our baked goods and as much as we can from scratch we ve already found a pretty baseline budget Obviously with a several kids we might not have time to do things this way but we do just fine buying store brands and generous amounts of lentils rice tomatoes etc and Gault offers savings on processed foods that we don t care to eat I guess part of this is me being a bit shocked at how much other people seem to spend on groceries every month too mine comes out to around two hundred dollars a month but she includes tales of people spending hundreds a week Although I appreciated her section on how to incorporate organic foods in the shopping budget her love of disposable plates and bakeware makes me shy away I think I ll stick to reading the flyers and skip her secret deals

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Shop Smart Save More Learn the Grocery Game and Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month summary Þ 8 These days the cost of food and other basic necessities is going through the roof Teri Gault's groundbreaking website wwwTheGroceryGamecom has already helped millions save serious money And now she shares the secrets to sen. Shopping smart is one thing I aspire to do all of the time at the grocery store and every where Buying organic and healthy foods is also a top priority I have seen other books and websites aimed at helping us save grocery dollars but they fell short because they depend only on coupons and sales Umm hello I already knew that Teri Gault s book goes much further because although she recommends using coupons and finding stores that double or triple coupons she also gives simple straight forward advice as to how to find these stores and offers Some of her tips include organizing your shopping cart by where you store the items in your home which I have done my whole life and frankly always attributed to Obessive Compulsive behavior Nice to finally know I m just setting myself up to be organized and save The book included a very detailed guide to choosing the best grocery store for youIn addition she talks about the importance of organic foods and buying locally Teri includes very useful lists of produce you should spend a bit to get organic compared with a list of produce that is safe enough when grown conventionally like Bananas Of course if you can afford it buy all organic Its better for the environment But if you are trying to save money why not spend your money where it is most important to your health and not waste money when the non organic alternative is cheaper and just as healthy The biggest draw for me was her month by month of what to buy when according to months of the year these items are at their lowest prices Ever since I got my copy I have been tracking the sale flyers with her list and she is right on The last half of the book is about entertaining and recipes and household organization The recipes were favorites of her family and they sound fine but not as healthy as I like my staples to be The Entertaining and orgainzational advice was great but nothing you haven t seen anywhere else The other detail that stands out is Teri s honest and personal style of writing She is just flat out friendlier than the other books and websites I have seen offering money saving ideas And she really did her research I ve been putting her tips to work for a few weeks and I have seen a marked difference in the way I organize to go shopping and the bottom line at the cash register