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By Kurt Vonnegut á 6 characters Slaughterhouse-Five Free read · 6 Slaughterhouse Five is the now famous parable of Billy Pilgrim a World War II veteran and POW who has in the later stage of his life become unstuck in time and who experiences at will or unwillingly all known events of his chronology out of order and sometimes simultaneously Traumatized by the bombing of Dresden at the time he had been imprisoned Pilgrim drifts through all events and history sometimes deeply implicated sometimes a w. I know this a oldie but goodie book but somehow I missed it all these years Interesting reading it 50 years after it was published It has passed the test of time It is oddly engaging and unpredictable and just plain weird This type of work can not be copied because it so utterly original I can see how it was shocking in 1967 and was ultimately banned by some schools Funny how that insured it would get the attention it deserved This book retells the narrative of the WWII by someone who was there Like all wars I assume there is absurdity contradictions unknown heros small and big people that no one ever hears about I have read a lot of books fiction and non fiction about WWII and this book provided a colorful dynamic addition to all the thousands and thousands of books written on this subject Where are all the Kurt Vonnegut s today We need you so desperately

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By Kurt Vonnegut á 6 characters Slaughterhouse-Five Free read · 6 Itness He is surrounded by Vonnegut's usual large cast of continuing characters notably here the hack science fiction writer Kilgore Trout and the alien Tralfamadorians who oversee his life and remind him constantly that there is no causation no order no motive to existence The unstuck nature of Pilgrim's experience may constitute an early novelistic use of what we now call post traumatic stress disorder; then again Pilgrim's aliens. I felt compelled to revisit Vonnegut s iconic anti war novel Slaughterhouse Five for two reasons Firstly because from time to time and our times are no exception we all have to remind ourselves of the macabre of warsVonnegut shows us the true colours of war He dismantles all the naively romantic notions anyone may have about war the unrealistic heroism and the false premise of winners and losers I didn t enjoy reading Slaughterhouse Five but then it wasn t written for anyone s entertainment It is stark cruel and unforgiving It is a warning People die good people bad people losers as well as conuerors soldiers and civilians youngsters and the elderly dogs horses allies and enemies No one is exempt No one is immune No one is above it And so it goes Vonnegut shows it in raw ugly detail and that detail is no fictionWar and death eualise everyone No nation is idealised and no nation is condemned in its collective totality Faults and failings befall all It is a brave concept not to idealise the winners In fact Vonnegut shows uite effectively that war destroys everyone and everything Every construct of what s right and wrong good and bad justifiable and inexcusable is absolutely false The victorious Americans are bombed on par with German civilians in an open city of Dresden The bombs don t discriminate between them and us It is all us And this is the irony of it wars are started because of divisions but as they rage everyone pays the same price feels the same pain and has only one life to loseMy second reason was to explore the time travel idea in the book It is harrowing for Billy Pilgrim to go over and over again through his terrifying war experience Time doesn t work chronologically in this tale The war never really ends It remains present throughout Billy s entire life Events from his birth childhood wartime and his post war civilian life are mingled together The trauma he has lived through can never be consigned to the past There is no past There is no future Time is not linear Everything is happening simultaneously all the time and Billy jumps in and out of events while they carry on unfolding on an endless loop Billy s sojourn into the alien world of Tralfamadore is his brain s way of coping with the scars left by the war on his psyche Those who lived through war will never put it behind them That message really hits home when you think of all those child refugees physically leaving war affected areas but having to spend the rest of their lives trapped back there foreverIt is such a powerful idea War is timeless Once you have unleashed it it will not end Slaughterhouse Five should be a compulsory read for young people to digest before they enter adulthood in order to dispel their childhood jolly war myths and shield them against glorification of war

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By Kurt Vonnegut á 6 characters Slaughterhouse-Five Free read · 6 May be as real as Dresden is real to him Struggling to find some purpose order or meaning to his existence and humanity's Pilgrim meets the beauteous and mysterious Montana Wildhack certainly the author's best character name has a child with her and drifts on some supernal plane finally in which Kilgore Trout the Tralfamadorians Montana Wildhack and the ruins of Dresden do not merge but rather disperse through all planes of existence. I first read Slaughterhouse Five as student getting on for twenty five years ago now I loved it and have returned to it at intervals ever since I seem to have misplaced my original copy in recent times so when I saw this version I felt it time to revisit an old favourite This re reading hit me hard Without spoiling the plot I read it much less as a time travelling science fiction story and much as a tale of the desperate effect that witnessing a horrendous war time event had on the main character Maybe the intervening years have changed me Maybe my own perspectives on life and death had changed I don t know I do know that the book hit me like a punch to the gutsA book then to read and re read Just don t expect a happy ending

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