Alex Scarrow [Read] Spore (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts, #8)

Spore (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts, #8)

Alex Scarrow â 3 free download Spore (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts, #8) review ☆ 103 In a small town in the Nevada desert an alien pathogen has reduced the entire population to a seething mass of black slime When the Eighth Doctor arrives he realise If you ve read my previous reviews on this series you ll know my view that Tom Baker and possibly Patrick Troughton aside there has been a lot of pretty good writing let down by both the length of these novellas and a feeling they weren t written for any specific Doctor at allStep forward Alex Scarrow and the Paul McGann incarnation of the Doctor Scarrow probably benefits from the lack of screen time as although there have been books and radio plays about this Doctor than just about any other those who have read andor listened to them will probably not be disappointed but nor will those who only saw the god awful feature length movie What Scarrow has done with this is write a good old fashioned Doctor story Is it the Eighth Doctor Who knows apologies for the pun Personally I d chose your favourite imagine him doing it and have fun A couple of references to Edwardian dress aside and it could be any of themMy reviews of other works in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E Shorts series1 A Big Hand for the Doctor2 The Nameless City3 The Spear of Destiny4 The Roots of Evil5 Tip of the Tongue6 Something Borrowed7 The Ripple Effect9 The Beast of Babylon

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Alex Scarrow â 3 free download Spore (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts, #8) review ☆ 103 Tories a year long celebration of Doctor Who The most exciting names in children's fiction each create their own uniue adventure about the time travelling Time Lord Spore in the eighth Doctor e book and features him trying to save the world from a spore that has landed on the Earth determined to turn all organic matter into some sort of soup The story was set in the Nevada desert in the US and features a single story companion in the shape of one of the military bods who were trying to isolate this infection to just one small area without much success it has to be said until the Doctor turns up that is This is a tried and tested story format for science fiction stories and it works well here as well I would say that the portrayal of the Doctor is pretty good and he does seem like his eighth persona here rather a generic Doctor which is nice

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Alex Scarrow â 3 free download Spore (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts, #8) review ☆ 103 S this latest threat to humanity is horrifyingly familiar it is a virus which almost annihilated his entire race the Time LordsEleven Doctors eleven months eleven s Spore the Eight Doctor story in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary series is well it s a perfectly passable story The writing is decent the plot okay there s some nice bits about Gallifreyan history the brand new supporting character created by Scarrow considering Eight rather lacks TV canon travel companions making up a new stand in was uite okay by me wasn t particularly remarkable or memorable but neither was she awfulThree stars because once again I just cannot find a short story satisfying enough it wasn t a bad effort but I didn t really connect with it on any level at all

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