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Sulwe Author Lupita Nyongo Read & Download è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lupita Nyongo ´ 5 Summary Read Sulwe Author Lupita Nyongo Of midnight She's darker than everyone in her family and everyone at schoolAll she wants is to be beautiful and b. Fridays are my most hectic day of the week with cooking baking cleaning and other preparations I rarely have time to read so lately I have chosen to use the day for poetry and children s books Recently I noticed a new children s book by Star Wars actress Lupita Nyong o on my library s web site Illustrated by Caldecott winner Vashti Harrison with a sparkling purple cover Sulwe stands out even for the youngest readers With Caldecott potential illustrations I could tell that Sulwe s story would be a winning one Sulwe is as dark as night Her sister and parents are lighter skinned and her sister has lots of friends at school Sulwe is always on the perimeter looking in at the rest of her kids One day she came home from school and used an eraser and her mother s makeup to rub her blackness out As this was not successful Sulwe told her mother that she did not want to return to school the next day That night a shooting star visits Sulwe in her dreams and takes her on a journey into night to see why darkness is important Using magical realism that adult readers would appreciate Nyong o relates a story of the symbiotic relationship between the light sun and the dark moon Today humanity has been told that people of all colors matter Sulwe representing the blackest of people is shown how when the sun banished the moon earth was one continuous day There was no sleep and people wanted their dreams of night back Day journeyed to night and said I missed you and the feeling was mutual Sun needed moon s shadows for day to function and moon benefitted from the light of stars that are only seen in the dark of night Even though Sulwe might not appreciate her darkness now it is important just as lightness is Nyong o tells that Sulwe s story is her own She was among the darkest of the children in her school and at some points had few friends Her mother tenderly related that it is what is inside her ualities and abilities that are important not her skin color which should be blind to everyone Today Nyong o is a successful actress and now writer Sulwe is a timely book that can easily be discussed in elementary school classrooms With a discussion of a parable and all people mattering it is even timely for the inclusion of all children during back to school week How could one not fall in love with Sulwe after hearing her story and viewing Harrison s lovely illustrations Such a refreshing book for a busy afternoon 4 stars

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Sulwe Author Lupita Nyongo Read & Download è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lupita Nyongo ´ 5 Summary Read Sulwe Author Lupita Nyongo Right like her mother and sisterThen a magical journey through the night sky opens her eyes and changes everything. Breathtaking illustrations with a positive message in self esteemI found the writing kind of hollow and wish feeling had been injected into the phrasingThe author s note at the end held so much emotion than the actual book

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Sulwe Author Lupita Nyongo Read & Download è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lupita Nyongo ´ 5 Summary Read Sulwe Author Lupita Nyongo A picture book about colorism self esteem and learning that true beauty comes from withinSulwe's skin is the color. Wonderful This is one of my top 5 new 2019 picture books of the year This is a little biographical we find out in the author s noteSulwe has dark skin like midnight while the rest of her family has lighter tones and her sister has a golden tone to her skin Sulwe prays for lighter skin and the ability to make friends and not be teased Her mama tells her the most beautiful story or legend of daylight and nighttime The people love the sun and hate the night until nighttime leaves and then daylight becomes too much The story is about balance and both sides being respectedThis is about self love and self empowerment It s beautiful artwork and a beautiful story that touched my heart I want to own this bookThe nephew enjoyed the story about day and night and he thought the story was ok He gave this 3 stars The niece read this too after I told her she had to read it and she thought this was a great story and she gave this 4 stars The nephew did ask why people s skin can be different colors and I had to talk about pigmentation in the skin and how genes can mix and match

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