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CHARACTERS Ú SurrenderSeduction Nience One was vengeance and in its pursuit she would entangle Julian in a dangerous masuerade The other reason was dearer to her heart but just as wild a uest Sophy Dorring intended to teach the devil to love again SURRENDERVictoria Huntington thought herself uite adept at fending off fortune huntersuntil she came under siege from Lucas Colebrook the darkly disturbing new Earl of Stonevale For the. Great readI like it with two novels in one book Enjoyed them bothYou can always count on a good read from Amanda uick Will be looking for

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CHARACTERS Ú SurrenderSeduction Earl would use her every weakness to woo her and ultimately to wed her And soon Victoria would find herself ensconced in a crumbling mansion deep in the English countryside where the real reason for her hasty marriage becomes all too apparent and where the ghosts of her dark stained past are waiting to rise in a terrifying plot that will threaten her life her honor and the only man she could even lo. A pair of enjoyable regency romps


CHARACTERS Ú SurrenderSeduction SEDUCTION SURRENDER SEDUCTIONTownsfolk called him the devil For dark and enigmatic Julian Earl of Ravenwood was a man with a legendary temper and a first wife whose mysterious death would not be forgotten Now country bred Sophy Dorring was about to become Ravenwood's new bride Drawn to the glitter of desire that burned in his emerald eyes Sophy had her own reasons for agreeing to a marriage of conve. You ll definitely become a fanSEDUCTION Justin needs to marry again he needs an heir for Ravenwood Sophy now twenty three has been in love with Justin from afar since she was eighteen But Sophy is no fool she knows what marriage entitles and she refuses to lose her independence But if she was to be married to Justin with his name attached to hers she just may be able to flush out the man who seduced impregnated her sister then left her causing her sister to take her own life For Sophy that s the same as murder and she s determined to find out who it is Barganing with Justin she agrees to marry him Only things don t go as planned for either of them Justin does not want a repeat of his first marriage his first wife had married him for convenience and did everything to make his life miserable including infidelity He doesn t want another wild woman on his hands and does everything he can to tame Sophy What he ends up realizing Sophy is nowhere like Elizabeth and comes close to losing her to the man who d murdered Elizabeth Sophy believes she made a mistake when she admitted to Justin that she loved him She vows to be the dutiful wife Justin wants even if her love isn t reciprocated But can Justin now convince Sophy that he loves her the way she isA beautiful story I loved the history and the intrigue Justin domineering alpha male wants everything out of Sophy while giving nothing in return Sophy wants eual ground with her husband and fights hard to get it much to Justin s dismay I loved watching them come together to love each other and accept each other for who they truly are While Justin s dominance bugged me a little I could understand it For in that era that s the way it was LOL I can say I m glad I don t live in those times I d resent being ordered aboutSURRENDER Heiress Victoria Huntington refuses to be married After her father died while she was still a child her mother had remarried to a man who only wanted her money one who became violent when he was drunk Her mother s death while out riding had been deemed an accident but Vicky was convinced that her stepfather murdererd her and did the unthinkable to get a confession pretending to be a ghost she flitted about the estate in her mother s gown driving her stepfather to come after her While he did so with a knife and a confession another accident occured and he died after falling down the stairs while chasing her She s kept this her secret and vowed never to be married Meanwhile having been hurt and left for dead on battle grounds Lucas Colebrook has recently inherited Stonevale and the title of Earl The only problem His uncle drove the estate into the ground Lucas desperately needs to marry and heiress and sets his sights on Victoria Vicky loves her life the way it is she loves to take risks unbecoming a lady and Lucas appoints himself the one to help her But Vicky has fallen in love with him and after being caught after their one night of passion a hasty marriage ensues and Vicky finds out the truth Lucas wants her money Now Lucas is trying to convince her that she can no longer take the risks she was taking Vicky is furious for all the reasons she d refused to get married are being thrown at her And now her past is coming back to haunt her for little things are starting to pop up convincing her that her stepfather is back from the dead Both want to find out who it is that is trying to drive Vicky mad And while Vicky is still in love with Lucas she refuses to acknowledge it And now Lucas has to convince her that he s just as in love with herAn excellent story I liked the history and intrigue in this one than the first And while I felt the distaste between two of the charactes I never concluded who it was that was after Vicky until it happened I really felt for Vicky for after she and Lucas married everything she didn t want was being thrown at her and I could feel her anger and frustration I loved how Lucas indulged her when he could doing what was necessary to protect her but I did find him a little unfair at times Even if that was how it was back then I still felt that Lucas could have gone about it in a different way I loved watching them together And the synopsis was right once you read Seduction and Surrender you will definitely become a fan of Amanda uick s historical romances

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