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The Archon Conspiracy review ó 104 In a race against time CIA agents and Soviet leaders scramble for the ultimate weaponpsychic power Locked into the international intrigue is computer genius Ken Inman whose goal to contact mysterious enti In my humble opinion this is the kind of book that really gives the Christian fiction genre a black eye Hunt is a good writer when it comes to non fiction but like most non fiction writers he lacks the artistic sensibilities needed to create good fiction making the point of the novel significant than the story he is trying to tell And while I enjoy some of Hunt s other work I tend to avoid any of his books dealing with New Age philosophy and the occult simply because I think he gets too carried away When someone starts expounding on the evils of Harry Potter I find it hard to take them seriously Anyway What we end up having here is an amateurishly written exercise in paranoia where everybody in the story is either strongly Christian or strongly anti Christian as opposed to being mostly apathetic or agnostic like they would be in real life where doing yoga or practicing zen meditation is basically an engraved invitation for demon possession and demons invade people s minds by claiming they are extra terrestrial beings attempting to reach out to the enlightened At the very beginning of the story one such demon possessed character is lucky enough to be admitted to a hospital where one of the doctors works exorcisms in his spare time Personally I can t suspend my disbelief for all of that I prefer spiritual novels that take place in the real world a bit like Stephen King s The Stand which despite not being a Christian novel deals with Christian themes in a much believable mature and yes worldly way However I certainly don t deny that there is potentially a big audience for this kind of book and fans of This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti will probably find Mind Invaders right up their alley

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The Archon Conspiracy review ó 104 Ties turns into a nightmare when Archons attempt to take over his mind Famed journalist Carla Bertelli becomes a key player in a psychic war that could destroy the world as she goes behind the scenes to d Dave Hunt another Christian author that should have stayed with scaring gullible believers with this doomsday books Fiction is not his strong suit and this book is ample evidence of this An interesting take on UFO s and remote viewing This story is supposed to based on accurate statements from people inside the military Right

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The Archon Conspiracy review ó 104 Iscover the truth Torn between her love for Ken and her contempt for Christianity one uestion continues to plague her Are the Archons the benevolent higher beings they claim to be or are they demonic forc I feel like the author has never talked to a human beforeHis dialogue is awful the characters are exaggerated caricatures of what the author wants to demonstrate such as christians are goodperfect and atheists are dumbaggressively in your face about being an atheist The best writing is on the blurb on the back of the book and I am pretty sure the author didn t write that What was sort of an interesting premise just fell into preachy nonsense that labels yoga as new age evilI read this for the PBS great American read challenge and I have no idea how it got on the list Total trash Go read a Prayer for Owen Meany if you want a good religious fiction book

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