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The Designated 1 Read & Download µ 104 Ellie Cahill · 4 Read & Download Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Ellie Cahill 6 weddings 2 old friends 1 childhood crush that left her crushed Hadley isn’t exactly leading a life that anyone would call #goals living with her parents and walking dogs for money This should be the perfect time to avoid seeing too many people so the half dozen wedding invitations waiting for. While technically second in a series they re only barely related and it actually lives up to a Stand Alone Romantic Comedy There s a single reference to the couple in the first but it s not intrusive or importantAnd I m happy to say that this was as good as the first though in its own way It doesn t have any stand out tropes or patterns to crib from Yeah they knew each other as kids but there was never anything there until they discover each other in the present And I really liked seeing them discover each otherAs in the first this is a single PoV story and it works well as such I liked Hadley and that she has fallen into a job she kind of loves even as she knows it isn t exactly what she thought she d be doing and it doesn t use any of the degree she has student loans for I actually liked that about her and how she s strong enough to go with that even though it means several steps backward in the expected path like moving back in with her mom I liked even that Cahill chose not to tie her character arc into finding some magical way to use that degree though there was ample opportunity once she tied into Will who fixes houses and wants to make a go of flipping them professionallyAnd I liked Will too He s struggling with kind of the same growth arc as he s working a job that he hates because it s what s expected of him while he works fervently on the side for the thing he actually cares about And I really loved his appreciation for Hadley and that he cared about her even before they were a thing The two of them together were really sweetTheir relationship was a pretty consistent growth with only a minor misapprehension near the end to spice things up I liked that their friends intervened before it became dire and that the intervention was mostly just giving them the opportunity to talk That s lovely the I consider it actuallyAnyway this is another strong five stars by the author and I m increasingly distressed that she seems to have disappeared after 2017A note about production It was present in the first book but I forgot to call it out It s stronger in this one though Cahill needs a better any copy editor She s a talented writer but there are lots of errors in the text that are pretty much all simple mistypings usually to form a different word Like startling becoming starting Or form becoming for It s too bad because sometimes it obscures how good she is that the words are wrongA note about Steamy This has two explicit sex scenes though the second is really short and the first isn t that long either putting this at the low end of my steam tolerance Again it was just enough to show how the physical intimacy matches the emotional trajectory and a pretty good choice I think

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The Designated 1

The Designated 1 Read & Download µ 104 Ellie Cahill · 4 Read & Download Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Ellie Cahill Nts is show her childhood crush what he’s been missing all these years Chicken or beef If it’s up to her this groom is going to eat his heart out Even if he is Will’s brother The Designted 1 is a Stand Alone Romantic Comedy Each book in the Cordially Invited Series can be read as a stand alo. I really enjoyed this book It was so funny with romance tucked in The characters were perfect for each other I hope there is a seuel as there is so much to tell about these twoI was given an ARC for an honest review

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The Designated 1 Read & Download µ 104 Ellie Cahill · 4 Read & Download Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Ellie Cahill Her RSVP feel awfully judgey Especially the one from her childhood crush So when Hadley runs into her old friend Will who seems to be a fellow resident of Loserville she wonders if they can’t help each other out A simple agreement to avoid banishment to the dreaded Singles’ Table All Hadley wa. 375 stars While this one wasn t as good as I Temporarily Do it was still pretty cute Friends to lovers is always a great trope There was a history between Hadley and Will in that they were neighbors and grew up together before losing touch She housesits and dogsits for a living while he works for his Father s construction company and simultaneously wants to flip houses They discover that they re going to multiple weddings over the course of the summer and agree to be each other s plus 1 for all of them It was a fun concept and the dynamic between Hadley and Will was entertaining but it wasn t uite up to par with the first in the series I did like the nod to the characters of the first There was fun and sexy moments along with some cringey ones which can never be avoided when there s miscommunication involved And while I enjoyed this book and read it in less than 2 hours I think it could have benefited from being a little longer Will s brother James seems to be reduced to a classic older brother pervert villain and there were no supporting characters that really stood out to me I appreciated Will s drive to work on houses and Hadley s willingness to help him out The author is good about the smooth transitions from friends to but it might have happened a bit too uickly in this oneIt s still a good beach read It s light and fluffy with little conflict

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