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The Living review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Is she ready to move on from memory and the routine of her days Arun an older man in a western Indian town makes hand sewn chappals at home A recovered alcoholic now a grandfather he negotiates the newfound indignities of old age while returning in thought to the extramarital affair. I thought this was very uiet beautiful and impressively strange It reminded me of Knausgaard in the sense that it s about how life is lived about how nothing really happens and how that could make you feel kind of ennui ish and frantic And I liked how the two parallel novellas didn t forcefully try to impose any links between the characters and their lives apart from the fact that they re both shoemakers you could draw your own conclusions about how they are connected Some people walk uite evenly but not many I ve noticed not many Most of us shuffle along in our own strange way not giving it attention 82 As I shouted I wanted I remember to weep at the idea of having to be a grown up 105 And then she said I decided that I would never be unhappy again that I would just expect nothing from life but just enjoy whatever I could a cool breeze clean clothes walking to school or being alone If bad things happened I knew they would pass I knew I would live a long life But I also knew I couldn t depend on anyone or anything to be happy She looked at me again and her eyes were clear and warning It s a choice she said 107 I had the feeling I had floated above everything the factory line of my existence failing to feel that I belonged in my life 119

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The Living review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook He had years earlierThese lives are woven through with the ongoing discipline of work and the responsibility and tedium of family life Lives laced with the joys of old friendship the pleasure of sex and the redemptive kindness of one’s own children This is the story of the living. Living is a gift though each of us has trials and tribulations Leading a dull unvarying life is a choiceFlexibility and willingness to experience change and growth is anotherClaire a shoe factory worker in England and Arun a chappal maker in India both have uneventful lives The story alternates between these two voices and enumerates the choices they felt should have been made to control their destiniesThe digital copy was difficult to read and contained many spacing errors The text was sometimes unclear as to which character s feelings were being revealed A disappointing read

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The Living review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook There is a certain number of breaths each of us has to take and no amount of care or carelessness can alter thatThis is the story of two lives Claire is a young single mother working in one of England’s last surviving shoe factories her adult life formed by a teenage relationship. There are books that the reader finishes and fails to see the Author s point or what the publisher saw Any of the parties could be at fault but this book was one suchThe book narrates two parallel tales Claire working in a shoe factory in Britain is a single mom of a teenager Her monochrome life is stifling and so she tries to find spark in affairs only to be disappointed or guiltyThe other track is of Arun the last of the Kolhapuri chappal makers His sons and grandsons have moved on With age related diseases guilt over past regrets and nostalgia he carries on living with nothing to look forward toThe book starts of well alright with lot of uotable uotes on ennui Sample this I thought to myself something I often thought at that time when anything went wrong whatever it was and then when it stopped at least for a bit Well that passed the time But then like a elementary kid with a stage fright the book meanders away into unintelligible ramblings Had hoped for a better book

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