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Read & Download The Mark of Cain 104 characters The Mark of Cain Fant her gifts in the dark craft are plain But when her guardians succumb to an angry mob Aphra is left to fend for herself She is shunned and feared by everyone she encounters except one man the leper Long Lankin Hounded and ostracized the two find solace only in each other but even this respite is doomed and Aphra Originally posted on NOT ENOUGH BOOKS NOT ENOUGH TIMEI am sad Maybe I ve overdone too many spooky reads but I just couldn t get into The Mark of Cain I read over 100 pages but had to leave it a DNF This is very devastating because I absolutely adored Long Lankin Not that The Mark of Cain was terrible the writing is just as elegant and just as terrifying as the first book but it almost felt like it was a repeat of the first It s a new tormentor but same setting Same characters from the first I liked the idea of the same characters but I didn t get how their father who does seem a little airy and distant could move his children back into the house where so much evil had occurred This probably plays into

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Read & Download The Mark of Cain 104 characters The Mark of Cain Damaris lowers her voice still I hold my breath to catch the words “You know there is something about the girl Zillah The spirits come to her” Damaris pauses “I I have heard the child whispering in the voice of another”In 1567 baby Aphra is found among the reeds and rushes by two outcast witches Even as an in This one is getting 35 stars from me It s not as good as Long Lankin but it was still an enjoyably creepy read with lots of atmosphere Long Lankin scared the crap out of me The year I read that book I pushed it on anyone and everyone that I could I d still recommend it than most books especially if you are looking for a Gothic read and I know Gothic books are getting and popular lately it seemsPsychological horror is my favorite favorite thing in movies and in books I find the unknowable terrifying than the knowable That is to say I don t find gory stuff scary at all just gross It s a very rare film or book that can pull off both I should do a post on that at some point At any rate The Mark of Cain is def

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Read & Download The Mark of Cain 104 characters The Mark of Cain s bitterness poisons her entire being Afflicted with leprosy about to be burned as a witch she manages one final enchantment a curse on her tormentor’s heirsNow in 1962 Cora and Mimi the last of a cursed line are trapped in an ancient home on a crumbling estate in deepest winter menaced by a spirit bent on reveng Oooooh I think I might actually have found this scarier than Long Lankin I definitely enjoyed it Okay there were a few things that bothered me like the superfluous description and the kids conveniently overhearing people talking about Crucial Plot Points but I enjoyed seeing Cora and Roger as older teenagers along with their burgeoning feelings for one another Which I m really glad wasn t overdone because this book didn t need an awkward teen romance Roger was as awesome as ever AS IF THIS NEEDS SAYING There s a line where Cora asks him to do something and he thinks to himself What s a chap to do because he can t say no to her It made me laugh out loud and then want to hug him I think he s adorable The jol

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