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  • Paperback
  • 274
  • The Twitch
  • Kevin Parr
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9781908717986

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Free download The Twitch Read ¶ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ê Kevin Parr Kevin Parr Ê 7 Free read Competition steeped in history and glory All he has to do is see species of birds in the British Isles than anyone else all within a single calendar year and he is willing to do anything to win Anything The Twitch is a viciously funny black comedy with an obnoxious sod as its centra This is one of two books I bought in Oxford the week before last The first was in the shop window and caught my eye so I went inside and then this cover and title caught my eye so I bought it too Both purchases were testaments to the power of advertising or communication If they hadn t promoted themselves I wouldn t have known that they existed and I wouldn t have bought them I m very glad that I bought The Twitch it s a fun bookIt s also a rather laddish book there is plenty of illicit sex drinking beer driving too fast chasing rare birds and killing people How unlike the lives of the members of the 400 Club Any of us who has combined at least a couple of these pursuits might well enjoy this book It did make me wonder whether there is anyone in the UK birding scene who like the anti hero of this entertaining tale has been involved in all five of those activitiesIt follows a man obsessed by the annual competition to see birds in the UK than anyone else It has pace and humour and suspense and twists and it is all about birds and birders It is an undemanding but enjoyable readThe author left his job to write this book which takes a lot of nerve and I wish him well with it He is a fisherman who writes about angling but seems to have come across the strange world of twitching fairly recently Rather than become a twitcher himself he decided to write about it and we should thank him for this fictional treatment which only exagerrates the truth a littleThe author gets the birdy and birding bits right most of the time To my mind there are just a few phrases and bird records which could have been slightly tweaked to be even authentic but that is really a minor uibble and an indication of how very convincing most of the book is to someone who knows a bit about birds and birdingThis book will appeal to the laddish those who are reformed or active twitchers many normal birders and it deserves to be read as a cracking tale by those who would never think of going on a twitch in their livesThe Twitch by Kevin Parr is published by Unbound and is available on as is Mark Avery s Fighting for Birds and A Message from Martha which will be published on 10 July Unbound is a very interesting outfit which publishes books supported by the public I might give it a go sometime

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Free download The Twitch Read ¶ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ê Kevin Parr Kevin Parr Ê 7 Free read One year One list Five bodies Edward J Banger is a man obsessed The drudgery of a nine to five job the pressures of maintaining a healthy marriage and raising teenage girls are unwelcome inconveniences The real challenge is ticking boxes He is determined to win the annual bird race a I m not a bird watcher but I am a murderer so I could immediately relate to the protagonist Ted Banger at that level Kevin Parr s book is a fast paced and exceptionally funny read that will make you laugh out loud Probably best therefore not to read The Twitch in a public library where laughing is generally frowned upon Instead why not buy the book and then leaf through it in a provincial butcher shop After all butchers are generally apple cheeked and fun loving people and being surrounded by dead animals is very comforting

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Free download The Twitch Read ¶ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ê Kevin Parr Kevin Parr Ê 7 Free read L character After accidentally wiping out one element of the competition Edward Banger begins to see opportunities to get ahead by using the most unlikely tactics His steady descent into darkness may not be the ideal bedtime story but you'll never look at a twitcher the same way agai Birdwatching noirVery strange book with a very unexpected ending In some ways the ending was almost anti climactic but I won t say because I don t want to spoil it It s basically a book about birdwatching in England and a fierce competition to see who can record the most birds seen in a season It s told from the first person point of view by the protagonist Ted Banger who is NOT a likeable character In fact I didn t find any of the characters in this novel likeable but that s the way with much good noir fiction It s written in a very interesting way in that each chapter is a date and leads off with the number of birds Ted has ticked to that date The further into the book you get the it becomes apparent that Ted is willing to go to ANY length in order to get a leg up on his competition And I m not referring to cheating by recording birds he hasn t seen either There is a fair bit of birding lingo in it as well as a lot of British slang so if you re not familiar with either of those be prepared to look it up