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review The Devil's ueen 103 summary ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ Jeanne Kalogridis Jeanne Kalogridis ¹ 3 free read Sly rich orphan Violent conflict tore apart the city state and she found herself imprisoned before finally being released and married off to the handsome Prince Henri of France Overshadowed by her husband's mistress the gorgeous conniving Diane de Poitiers and unable to bear children Catherine resorted to the dark arts of sorcery. Another book fed to the hungry KindleThis novel covers Catherine de Medici s life from her girlhood until shortly after the St Bartholomew s Day massacre The occult plays a heavy role in it Catherine has visions from an early age and at a desperate time in her life resorts to an act of black magic that will have terrible repercussions for her and her familyOn the whole I enjoyed this novel which was told in the first person Kalogridis made Catherine sympathetic for all of her flaws and the writing is uite vivid I also liked the portrait of her husband and of the bitchy little Mary ueen of ScotsCatherine s visions with all of the foreshadowing they entailed became tedious after a while as Catherine repeatedly learned that Something Really Bad was going to happen I found myself muttering Well let s get it over with shall we When Something Really Bad finally did happen ie the massacre it almost seemed anticlimatic as if the author who d been uite descriptive up to then suddenly ran out of steamThat aside this novel did keep my Kindle flipping and I enjoyed getting yet another perspective on Catherine and the French court during this period

summary ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ Jeanne KalogridisThe Devil's ueen

review The Devil's ueen 103 summary ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ Jeanne Kalogridis Jeanne Kalogridis ¹ 3 free read To win Henri's love and enhance her fertility for which she would pay a price Against the lavish and decadent backdrop of the French court and Catherine's blood soaked visions of the future Kalogridis reveals the great love and desire Catherine bore for her husband Henri and her stark determination to keep her sons on the throne. Historical novels written from the perspective of an actual historical figure can be a hit and miss Depending on how much is known about that person s life the author may have a lot or very little to go on As with any historical fiction depicting a real life figure there may be some assumptions andor embellishments about events in said figure s lifeThis novel is written from the first person perspective which can be very interesting when done right Even with letters from that person or firsthand accounts of said person it is next to impossible to know what a person really thought or felt about any situation it takes a careful hand to present a realistic portrayal of how a historical figure may have felt about what was happening around them or how they viewed themselvesI think the author did a good job of presenting a realistic POV for Catherine de Medici and her reactions to certain events of her life such as her husband s infidelities or what happened with her children The magic aspect when it came to her children certainly was an intriguing bit of fantasy from the author but one that could fit in real life I was not sure how to feel about the revelation of the Prince of Navarre as there is nothing to support that However I will say that within the other fantasy the author put in the book it was an intriguing plot point I can only say that while you can enjoy this book make yourself aware of what is pure fictionThe author s notes at the back of the book give a good bit of historical context and actually led me to do research on my own Though with the death of all four of Catherine s sons the fourth son not mentioned in this novel predeceased his older brother so Edouard s death really did end the Valois dynasty the House of Valois may have come to an end but Catherine de Medici s descendants continued through her daughters so she is still the ancestor of many notable figures including royalty or their spouses of various countries

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review The Devil's ueen 103 summary ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ Jeanne Kalogridis Jeanne Kalogridis ¹ 3 free read Confidante of Nostradamus scheming mother in law to Mary ueen of Scots and architect of the bloody St Bartholomew's Day Massacre Catherine de Medici is brought to life by Jeanne Kalogridis the bestselling author of I Mona Lisa and The Borgia BrideBorn into one of Florence's most powerful families Catherine was soon left a fabulou. It is hard to make a ueen who shoulders the blame for a religious massacre sympathetic so Jeanne Kalogridis doesn t try Instead she goes the complete opposite direction Giving us an unsentimental ueen who would commit any atrocity to save herself or someone she loves Even as a girl she is already murdering and dabbling in black magic For those of you unfamiliar with Catherine de Medici the Italian born duchess was reduced to living in a convent after her family was deposed in Florence In a true Cinderella story she marries the second son Henry of King Francoise of France She ends up the ueen of France and though a mere figurehead during her husbands rule she has a great influence over the reigns of her sons Because Catherine ruled France during such a tumultuous time religious upheaval civil wars weak kings her reign was marked with political gaffes and intrigues the most notably The ST Bartholomew s Massacre leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Huguenots French Protestants Never faltering and with clear determination Catherine meets rivals for her husbands heart and traitors seeking to claim the throne Kalogridis Catherine is decidedly evil which makes for entertaining story telling and is historically probable The author doesn t try to excuse any of Catherine s behavior but she does give us fictionalized back story to try and establish her motivations Since Kalogridis is prone to dramatics and excessive detail she s also known for a lively look into the family of Dracula let me say that if you re looking for historical accuracy this probably isn t your novel But if you re looking for a spirited read that enlivens history into Catherine s time The Devil s ueen is an excellent choice I thoroughly enjoyed itI d like to add that I was fortunate enough to pick up the audio version read by Kate Reading Reading delivers a commanding ueen and is pure magic to listen to The French words are pronounced perfectly to my English ears and her pacing is spot on

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