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  • 05 April 2019
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The Kingdom Free download ↠ 104 Clive Cussler à 4 Free download characters The Kingdom The Fargos will find themselves embroiled with black market fossils a centuries old puzzle chest the ancient Tibetan kingdom of Mustang a balloon aircraft from a century before its time and a skeleton that could turn the history of human evolution on its head Packed with the endless imagination and breathtaking suspense that are his hallmarks The Kingdom once again proves that Clive Cussler is just about the best storyteller in the business New York Po The Fargo series is the weakest of Cussler s franchises but still entertaining This particular one moves faster than most breezing through the reuisite historical prologues and jumping in to the action The Antagonist is a bit two dimensional although with a few interesting familial uirks and the denouement when it finally comes is rushed and a bit unsatisfactory Still a pleasant beach read but not a classic

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The Kingdom Free download ↠ 104 Clive Cussler à 4 Free download characters The Kingdom Baron contacts them with a personal plea an investigator friend of the Fargos' was on a mission to find the oil baron's missing father and now the investigator is missing too Would Sam and Remi be willing to look for them both Though something about the situation doesn't uite add up the Fargos agree to go on the search What they find will be beyond anything they could have imagined On a journey that will take them to Tibet Nepal Bulgaria India and China Clive Cussler covers are epic Simple clean and evocative these covers for me are the kind that inspire you to buy the print version of a book even though it s expensive than the Kindle versionAnd Cussler s new novel The Kingdom is no different With backgrounded Himalaya snow and dark skies the book puts you in comfortable read mode even before you ve cracked the spineI haven t read any Cussler before Mostly aside from the cover I was drawn to this book by its interest and link into the kingdom of Lo Manthang spelled Monthang in the book but I ll stick to Manthang in NepalBy way of disclaimer and like any writer would do I was drawn to read Cussler s exploration of this mystical part of Nepal because it is also forms the backdrop for crucial scenes in my own upcoming novelWe are after all as Westerners it seems possessed with the idea of a secret Asian kingdom variously known as Shangri la or Shamballah and The Kingdom of Lo in Nepal is one of the best settings to vent this Western Shangri la fantasyThe Kingdom starts with a bang Dakhal a Sentinel protector of a magical artefact called the Golden Man is pursued by evil forces trying to lay siege to the Golden Man He skillfully throws his attackers off and presumably holes up in a cave protecting the Golden Man lost to posterityFast forward to present day Husband and wife adventure and hero team Sam and Remi Fargo are contacted by tycoon and all round baddie Charles King to find his father who has gone missing in Nepal several years The couple used to hunting for treasures and historical artifacts agree to take on the case In reality King is hoping to set them on a goose chase that he hopes will yield the Golden Man for his own purposesTheir search leads them to Kathmandu having discovered a secret Devanagari an ancient script of India and Nepal parchment which they have translated by a local professionalThe Fargos will follow a set of clues that lead them to Tibet Nepal China Venice and Siberia to uncover the secrets behind not only the ancient Golden Man legend but also Charles King s nefarious business dealingsThe race leads to Shangri la an ancient complex overgrown with jungle where they must battle King s wife and two diehard twin children to ensure that King doesn t lay hands on the mysterious artefactAlong the way Sam and Remi s characteristic humour and domesticity to approaching life threatening situations is lighthearted and colourfulI enjoyed this novel overall not least because of its Lo Manthang setting but also for the racy plot and diverse characters evil where they need to be but not overly stereotypical or flat and good characters who aren t too saintly offset by uirkinessAll round a light easy and enjoyable well researched read soaked in adventure Four out of five stars

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The Kingdom Free download ↠ 104 Clive Cussler à 4 Free download characters The Kingdom Sam and Remi Fargo return for the thrilling third adventure in the acclaimed new series In Spartan Gold and Lost Empire Clive Cussler brought readers into the world of husband and wife team Sam and Remi Fargo whose passion and instinct for treasure hunting has led to extraordinary discoveries and perilous journeys Their next adventure however might be their most astonishing yet The Fargos are used to hunting for treasure not people But then a Texas oil It had been a while since Sam and Remi Fargo had been in Kathmandu Nepal but with a colleague missing somewhere in this vast country they were determined to do their best to find him They had their suspicions about the person who d recruited them and as time moved forward it seemed they were rightSearching through long tunnels in one of the deep cave systems in the area Sam and Remi found than they had bargained for But it was the mine hidden in the forests well away from Kathmandu and guarded by Chinese soldiers that turned their investigation on its head What was going on Had they stumbled onto something far important and dangerous than they d imagined The Kingdom is the 3rd in the Sam Remi Fargo Adventures by Clive Cussler and was fast paced intense and full of action The adventures that the husband and wife team get up to are way over the top obviously adrenalin junkies Fun entertaining a little gruesome highly readable Recommended