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free read The Watson Girl 106 An entire family was murdered and by a uirk a young girl is left unharmed For fifteen years she believed the killer had been caught and he’s now on death row awaiting execution While trying to be content with her adoptive family she’s living in relentless uncertainty and the fear of remembering what really happened that night when she was five years old She’s The Watson GirlA therapist has asked her to participate in regression session treatments to attempt to bring back those lost. 4 starsI won this book in a Goodreads giveaway Thank You Leslie Wolfe for sending me an autographed copyThis was a good mystery centered on FBI Agent Tess Winnett It opens with a killer murdering a whole family mother father and 3 children But he made a mistake and missed 1 child because they had a visiting child with them He realizes his mistake and searches for the child but does not find her The next chapter switches to Tess coming back to work after 3 weeks of medical leave from a work injury that happened in book 1 of this series This is book 2 of the series and I would have enjoyed it if I had read book 1 firstTess reports to her boss SACSpecial Agent in Charge Pearson He had wanted her to stay out the full 6 weeks recommended by her doctor but she insisted on coming back They agree to let her come back on limited duty She is sent to Raiford Florida state prison to interview Kenneth Garza a convicted serial killer scheduled to be executed in a few weeks She interviews him and he tells her that he only killed 31 of the 34 families that he was convicted for She asks him to name the 3 wrong cases She decides to compare those 3 with the other 31 and finds discrepancies She asks permission to reopen the cases from her boss SAC Pearson who reluctantly gives 48 hours to come up with proofShe digs into these cases and realizes that there is another serial killer on the loose in Florida I suspected the killer about a third of the way in and unfortunately had my suspicions confirmed when I looked for the table of contents located in the back not far from a full page explanation of the killer s identitymotivationThere was a surprise twist at the end The narrative switches between the killer Tess and a grown up Laura Watson the missing child from the first chapterA killer uote You see what I wanted was primal Total absolute power over a woman

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free read The Watson Girl 106 Memories The closer she gets to the truth however the less time she has to remain alive Now the real killer is going to silence her before she can remember the details of that horrifying night when she was an innocent witnessLaura Watson is young beautiful and she’s the murderer’s loose endJoin the smart relentless and short fused FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett and her team in a heart stopping search for the serial killer who has managed to stay hidden for many years Explore the inn. Fantastic book Thank you to NetGalley and Italics Publishing for a copy of this book to read and review The Watson Girl is the lone survivor when her family were murdered in their home 15 years ago She was hiding in the laundry basket and the killer missed her Now it is almost time for the killer to be executed and FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett is told by the murder on death row that he didn t kill the Watsons as well as 2 other families Laura Watson is in danger and Tess is the only one who believes it

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free read The Watson Girl 106 Er workings of the murderer’s mind and find out what motivates such predatory blood lusting behavior while following every twist and turn of an existence spent taking livesLaura Watson’s family was murdered fifteen years ago That was only the beginning His beginningIf you’re the apple of his eye you’re already deadSpecial Agent Tess Winnett will hold nothing back to stop the killer before he takes another innocent life She never fails no matter what’s at stake Even her own life. You might have seen me before but not known me for who I am not really I m the snake in your neatly trimmed grass This is my first Leslie Wolfe novel which I realize this is the second in a series I have to be honest and say that this probably did affect my perspective of the novel There were things that took place in the past that would have added to the character development in this novel I m torn with how I feel about this novel There were some really great aspects about it but then there were some just almost monotonous parts 15 years ago Laura Watson s family was murdered Laura survived that tragic night by hiding in a laundry basket in the upstairs bathroom The killer dubbed The Family Man is set to be executed at the end of the month Agent Tess Winnett is assigned to interview the infamous serial killer During their interview The Family Man aka Kenneth Garza confesses that he did not kill 34 families he only killed 31 Tess intrigued decides to look into the three murders that Garza claims he did not commit the Watsons Townsends and the Myers After reviewing the cases and the evidence available Tess is convinced that Garza is not their manMeanwhile Laura now all grown up having been adopted by her father s business partner and his wife the Welsh s she is on her way to becoming a key member of the Watwel company She is contacted by Dr Austin Jacobs a neuroscientist who wants Laura to participate in a study for cognitive memory recovery for individuals who have suffered childhood trauma Laura thinks this might finally be the answer to understanding what happened that tragic night and why she was the only one who survived She decides to participate in the study but there s a catch she must agree to appear in a TV interview to help obtain the funding necessary to continue with the study What she doesn t realize is that this exposes Laura and puts her at risk Tess sees the interview and she knows that if she s seen the interview then there s the chance that the real killer has seen the interview as well The race is on to find the real killer and keep Laura safe Okay so what I found to be rather monotonous about the novel was all the chapters involving the police procedural work with Tess Gary Michowsky Todd Fradella and Doc Rizza I found my ability to focus during all this difficult I m not sure what it was I ve read plenty of thrillers and mysteries with police procedural work and it didn t uite bore me the way this did I realize that Tess is the main character of this novel and maybe the fact that some of her past was lost on me affected these chapters The other thing that I found to be very stereotypical and overdone was the relationship that Tess shares with her boss SAC Pearson I think one missing opportunity with this novel was the fact that we the reader do not get to experience the memory recovery study that Laura is subjected to in fact Laura is a minor character in the novel altogether I felt that a lot could have been gained by exposing the reader to the lost memories of Laura Now the area of the book that I did really enjoy were all the chapters inside the mind of the killer I do love a novel that gives you a chance to understand the psychopath at work I liked that he metaphorically refers to his victims as apples With Laura being his forbidden fruit This added that serial killer vibe to the novel for sure I felt that Leslie really did her homework in understanding how a pyschopath thinks She did a great job in developing this character I became really good at what s expected of me at being the powerful successful man with a nice family and a good life That means my dear friend should you ever become the apple of my eye you won t see me coming My only grip about the true killer is that it s obvious who it is I knew very early on who it was Because of who the killer is I think this in the end affected my opinion of the novel I almost think I would have preferred it to have been someone else entirely I did like the novel and I think I will check out the others in the series so I can get the full picture Maybe this will help change some of my opinions of this novel I want to thank NetGalley Italics Publishing and Leslie Wolfe for allowing me the chance to read this novel in exchange for my review

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