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Vikings Untamed characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB read & download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú Kate Pearce summary Vikings Untamed These are not your mother's Vikings Seven biker shifter sci fi and paranormal Vik. This set is a great rewrite of Norse mythology If you liked Vikings Unleashed you will love this anthology since it contains follow up stories to a number of books in that anthology I enjoyed the sense of connectedness and familiarity that brought to the set And the books are all stand alones with HEAs another major plus 1 Viking s Desire Twilight of the Gods Book 15 by Crystal Jordan Follow up to Vikings Fire Twilight of the Gods Book 1 2 Bound by the Viking Warriors Unleashed Book 3 by Anne Marsh Follow up to At the Viking s Command Warriors Unleashed Book 2 3 A Viking s Bride Vikings in Space Book 2 by Zoe York Follow up to A Viking s Peace Vikings in Space Book One 4 The Wild Fen Hel s Belles MC Book 2 by Dayna Hart Follow up to Hel s Belles 1 5 A Most Wanted Viking Sela Carson A standalone whose preuel A Wolf to Watch Over Me SS was not in Vikings Unleashed 6 Viking s Pride Afotama Legacy Book 25 by Holley Trent Book One The Viking ueen s Men was in Vikings Unleashed 7 Viking Claimed The Triad Series Book 4 by Kate Pearce Follow up to Viking Unbound The Triad Series Book Three Copy received from author in return for an honest review

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Vikings Untamed characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB read & download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú Kate Pearce summary Vikings Untamed Ing erotic romances modern sexy versions of the original alpha male bad boy heroes. In Anne Marsh s Bound By the Viking Colden is asked to look after Tyra s wolf pack by his fellow Viking Calden Colden finds Bera being attacked and beaten by Erik the Asshole Colden doesn t know wolf politics or how order is determined in a wolf pack after all he s a Viking When he saves Bera she becomes his mate according to pack politics Bera was taken against her will and forced to become a werewolf by Erik She doesn t remember much of her life before due to the bite that changed her but she does know she wants to be free Bera decides to bargain for her freedom She knows where Tyra s sister is being held captive by a dragon Odin believes that werewolves will bring about Ragnorok their version of a paranormal apocalypse All werewolves have been targeted for destruction The dragon holding Elisa has a sword that can kill Odin so Colden Var and Bera head out to save Elisa and get the sword Bera and Colden find themselves sexually attracted to each other but they both have an agenda and a plan Fate however has her own plan for Bera and Colden Bound By the Viking is passionate sexy fierce and loyal I can t wait to read the next Viking story I m hoping for it to be about Var s and Elisa Great job Ms Marsh I received an ARC for an honest review

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Vikings Untamed characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB read & download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú Kate Pearce summary Vikings Untamed Hide your virginsAGAIN The original Bad Boys are BACK and they're hotter than ever. Viking Claimed by Kate PearceAki is a sexy man his smile was just for her I do not mind but if you continue to do so I fear my interest will become obvious to everyone Her gaze slid lower to his low slung black workout pants and the thrust of his erection tenting the fabric He s a considerate man aye If you still wish me to We will take it carefully Are you certain that you don t wish to discuss our mating further He frowned I am honored that you have chosen me as the first male to share your bed Bound by the Viking by Anne MarshColden is one possessive man my bear got right on board with the possessiveness too trying to shift right through my skin Yeah I growled feeling my bear rise toward the surface Mine I enjoyed this story Colden is one tempting manViking Desire by Crystal JordanThor s reassurance isn t really reassuring that s not He blew out a breath If I wanted you dead woman I would have left you there to drown Thor can be sensitive at times I can and I do You can feel however you want but I ll be damned if anyone tells me how to feel I m a grown a man and I ve been around long enough to know my own mind If I tell you I love you I effing mean it I really enjoyed this story I fell in love with ThorViking s Pride by Holley TrentWill is just one sexy man I wanted to show you what I think of the twenty three year old Erin Peterson A grown woman with the most tantalizing a I ve seen in ages I like those pants by the way Will has manners and I loved it I m not trying to do any particular thing You re my lady and I really need to touch you right now Please I really enjoyed this storyThe Wild Fen by Dayna HartA girl sometimes needs to show her man how serious she really is Fen I take it back I don t want you to go away I want you close Very close Starting right now She fists her hand in my shirt and drags me near and my lips meet hers I think this was the shortest story in the anthology I liked it Fen knew how to please his womanA Most Wanted Viking by Sela CarsenAndrews he s uite the flirty guy good Neither do I I think we should talk about us About the way you ve been winding me up all day Andrew doesn t like others seeing what s his her hand snaked out of the blanket the movement baring her shoulder and the top of her breast He pulled the blanket up but couldn t resist cupping the weight of her in his palm briefly These truly are spectacular And mine I m not too keen on sharing if you don t mind I really liked this story Ule was kick she was strong and independentA Viking s Bride by Zoe YorKAldric is really attractive and he can say the sweetest things I think he finally said roughly wrapping his hands around her wrists If you crawl into my lap we re going to do a lot than kiss And I m never going to let you go Aldric finds amusement in his woman s attitude and sometimes that s a hot thing no that s exactly what you mean And that s okay I approve of this possessiveness It s hot She growled at him That was hot too I enjoyed this story

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