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Download ´ Watership Down ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Watership Down They journey forth from their native Sandleford Warren through the harrowing trials posed by predators and adversaries to a mysterious promised land and a perfect society. I started this book about 2 months ago got through the first 10 pages or so and I was not interested in continuing I put it down In all honesty it seemed like it was going to be too babyish for me I mean come on bunnies though Seriously About a week ago I got to a point where I didn t have anything else to read so there I was staring pensively at my obese bookshelf thinking about reading Lord of the Rings for the 12th time when I noticed Watership Down poking its cute little bunny face out at me I figured hey it s almost Easter so what the heck I might as well try it again So I picked Watership Down back up with the intent of giving it just a few pages Much to my surprise I was hooked image error

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Download ´ Watership Down ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Watership Down Librarian's note See alternate cover edition of ISBN13 9780380395866 hereSet in England's Downs a once idyllic rural landscape this stirring tale of adventure courage and. I don t give a shit what Richard Adams says about his book because it simply isn t true According to him in the preface of my edition this is just a story about rabbits Its intended purpose was to entertain his children in the car that s fair enough but he also says there is no intentional allegorical meaning whatsoever I find this hard to believe The allegories in here are rich and meaningful They don t just allude to simple problems They re complex and purposeful So if he didn t intend them then his unconscious certainly did I can t believe the literary merit of this work is entirely accidental Animals don t behave like men he said If they have to fight they fight and if they have to kill they kill But they don t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures lives and hurting them They have dignity and animality This has a surprising amount of depth The story is a comment on the brutal nature of man and his careless attitude towards nature it is a suggestion that he kills for the sake of killing rather than out of a need for survival it is a statement that man is not in touch with nature like other animals but in spite of this he is redeemable and capable of the opposite as much as the apparent Indeed this can be seen with the little girl who saves Hazel the Rabbit s chief at the end of the novel So it s a bit than a basic children s fable This is one of those rare rare books that can be read by anyone regardless of age and taste in novels it really is a wonderful story that has the potential to be enjoyed by all Indeed there is a reason why very few people have not heard of Watership Down and it s not because this is just a tale of rabbits attempting to find a new home and survive That is the crux of the plot but not the limits of the scope of the novel It has the appearance of a children s novel in that it is an exciting adventure about rabbits but for an adult it has greater depth Moreover the novel uestions the artificial life that captive animals must endure and demonstrates that they should be at one with their true nature like the rabbits of this novel This for me is a rather deep observation Humans are a species that superimpose their ways on all other forms of life If the animals don t adapt then they die I m not going to go into the murky realms of morality but whatever you think about the treatment of animals this is a truism Humans destroy nature as they destroy most things I m sounding like a little bit of a misanthrope but again it s true Men will never rest till they ve spoiled the earth and destroyed the animals Regardless of what Richard Adams thinks his book is an allegory for many things He may not have intended this but the finished product clearly transcends his motives it has become a real work of literature One need only look at half the works in the literary cannon to see that the interpretations of these works rarely correspond with the author s intent and sometimes even directly oppose them Many critics even say the author isn t important and is just a mere vessel for the work If this is true then one needn t look any further than the wonderful tale of Watership Down for conformation This is a great book Postscript I found this gorgeous illustrated edition in Waterstones that I just had to buyI mean just look at it You can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

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Download ´ Watership Down ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Watership Down Survival follows a band of very special creatures on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home Led by a stouthearted pair of friends. Ok so it s a book about a bunch of rabbits traveling through a small stretch of English countryside As such it doesn t seem like something that would appeal to anyone but a preteen But the fact of the matter is this is a great story full of rich characters a deep if occasionally erroneous understanding of things lapine and it can reach moments of depth and profundity that the movie of the same title does not even begin to hint at I was actually introduced to this book in one of the best ways I can imagine a friend recorded the entire book on tape and for a couple months I played the tapes of her reading a chapter or two just before I fell asleep each night My slow exposure to the book under ideal circumstances may have influenced my perceptions but I can say on each subseuent rereading of the book I ve come to appreciate it You can read the book just for the story apparently the author wrote the book from stories he would tell his children and it still can easily serve that purpose But the richness of his characters lead to many interesting analogies to human life For instance from Hazel you can learn profound things about leadership Throughout the book you feel that Hazel is the natural born leader of his group of rabbits but Richard Adams was very careful to develop this impression through character features rather than power relations The contrast is clearly intentional since the other leaders of the book achieve leadership status through very different means Many people think the book takes a strong stance against a particular kind of authoritarian rule but it is important to recognize the book gives this impression not through structured diatribe or through argument but rather it evolves out of character considerations and out of the story itself This means that the result is far complex than a simple argument For instance although General Woundwort may be seen as the main enemy that Hazel has to deal with and the authoritarian rabbit is portrayed rather negatively at times Adams uite intentionally adds some details that make him admirable to the other rabbits even to the very end A diatribe would not be so complex Fiver is another great character He adds an element of magic to the story and it allows Adams to link the rabbits he describes to a mythical world that enters into the story uite freuently One can almost see Fiver as a manifestation of imagination in this world Big wig is another likable character and the story of this rabbits experience in Efrafa is one of the highlights of the story Besides the characters the descriptions of England are also uite acute You can actually track the course of the rabbits on maps since Adams was careful to describe real places and things That attention to detail is often missed in reviews of this book Finally the thing that brings all these features together and makes the book than a mere story or an account of human characters or a diatribe against fascism is the fact that Adams is uite conscious of the fact that he is telling the story from the perspective of rabbits The challenges they face are rabbit sized the ideas about the external world are rabbitlike the philosophical insights seem rabbitized and Adams brings many of our anthropomorphized ideas of rabbits together with the reality of rabbits in a surprisingly coherent fashion I suppose the book can be seen as a cultural study of an imaginatively rich but realistic rabbit world I realize as I write this review that many other readers may not feel the same way about the book as I do It does have some shortcomings For instance female characters only make a few appearances in the book although I think Adams does show some sensitivity in their depictions But even with the limitations I would recommend the book to anyone who likes a good story and who is willing to think deeply about a children s story