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Read æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Eric Mason Eric Mason ↠ 0 Download Free download Woke Church “ Between the Christianity of this land and the Christianity of Christ I recognize the widest possible difference” –Frederick Douglass 1845The prophets of old were not easy to listen to because they did not flatter  They did not cajole They spoke hard words that often chafed and unsettled their listeners Like the Old Testament prophets and recent prophetic. If you already know what you think about the SJW movement and their relationship to the reformed tradition this book will not change your mind This will be red meat for the already woke and cringy to MacArthurites There were parts that I thought were excellent critiues of the way evangelicalism has had a truncated gospel proclamation but the pieces that Eric Mason sees as missing get filled in with some nonsensical and short sighted solutions There s a reason why the woke are so friendly with democratic and socialist ideals and are sexual egalitarians When women are preaching and teaching in woke churches it won t be long before the liberalism sweeps them away like the mainline denominations

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Read æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Eric Mason Eric Mason ↠ 0 Download Free download Woke Church Tness to a watching worldBe Redemptive – to grieve and lament what we have lost and to regain our prophetic voice calling the church to remember our gospel imperative to promote justice and mercyBe Active – to move beyond polite safe conversations about reconciliation and begin to set things aright for our soon coming King who will be looking for a WOKE CHURCH. DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FOR FREE FROM MOODY PUBLISHERS TO REVIEWEric Mason s Woke Church aims to shine a spotlight on one of the aspects of the gospel that has been neglected and dismissed as inappropriate for discourse p 43 that aspect he refers to is justice This book represents the seventh book that I have reviewed for Moody Publishers It is by far the worst book I have reviewed for Moody This review explains why I would not recommend itThis book has two forewords written by John M Perkins and Ligon Duncan and four parts With the exception of part one each part has two chapters PART ONE BE AWARE CHAPTERS 1 3Part One begins with a chapter that basically gives an overview on the book In chapter two Mason claims direct revelation from God p 42 adds to Scripture p 49 and uses language that seemingly is in alignment with the unbiblical movement known as the Seven Mountain Mandate p 58 Claiming direct revelation from God represents a subtle denial of the sufficiency of Scripture Further adding to God s Word makes one a liar Proverbs 306 Finally the Seven Mountain Mandate is basically an unbiblical replacement for the Great Commission It has its roots in another unbiblical movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation He continues the NAR talk in chapter threePART TWO BE WILLING TO ACKNOWLEDGE CHAPTERS 4 5Part Two both asks if the church is asleep and discusses the things for the church to lament pp 75 114 Chapter four is basically a 30000 foot overview of the timeline of the system of slavery to segregation and beyond p 92 In chapter five Mason continues his claiming direct revelation from God p 96 Mason also begins to show why his book fails from a grammar standpoint when he fails to correctly spell the name of Gardner C Taylor p 105 He instead spells it Gardener After doing various checks online to verify the correct spelling Mason s spelling is indeed incorrect Perhaps both he andor his editor are to blame for that gaffe Mason also makes a weak claim regarding the Philando Castile incident when he fails to name the names of those evangelicals who supposedly made some unfortunate and non empathetic statements in relation to that tragedy p 107 While he accurately details the incident making a weak claim from it by refusing to name the names of those evangelicals who supposedly made some unfortunate and non empathetic statements hurts his credibility a bitPART THREE BE ACCOUNTABLE CHAPTERS 6 7Part Three covers reclaiming our prophetic voice and a vision for change p 115 144 Mason continues his bad grammar and adding to God s Word habits already established at this point in chapter six The bad grammar perhaps hits a breaking point in chapter seven In this chapter Mason discusses three types of justice they are intervening preventative and systemic pp 133 141 However in his introduction to discussing these three things he initially describes the third justice as systematic not systemic It is obvious from his freuent usage of the word systemic that he meant that word instead of the initial systematic word Nevertheless the grammar error is still bad and too glaring to ignorePART FOUR BE ACTIVE CHAPTERS 8 9Part Four covers The Woke Church In Action and Seeing Through The Lens Of The End pp 145 182 While he doesn t outright state his support for women pastors he comes as close as it gets to affirming it without actually affirming it when he states many churches lack a vision to see women beyond traditional roles It is incumbent on leadership to reevaluate areas where women have been relegated to serve that are not based on biblical prohibitions but rather on cultural practices that may be extensions of sexism and misogyny Black women should be affirmed to serve in greater capacities than the traditional roles of children s ministry choir and hospitality p 155 What Mason seemingly fails to understand is that the whole concept of female pastors is unbiblical see 1 Timothy 29 15 and 1 Corinthians 14 Further its being an unbiblical concept has absolutely nothing to do with misogyny or sexism Instead the passages show how the Apostle Paul goes back to creation to explain why the concept is unbiblical Mason misses the mark hereMason also really misses the mark in terms of his information He explained how Philadelphia Eagles uarterback Malcolm Jenkins once did a silent interview with reporters p 157 There s only one problem Jenkins is not a uarterback as Mason states Instead he is a safety He formerly played cornerback Both of those positions are on defense whereas the uarterback position is on offense While this bringing up this particular matter is petty of me it nonetheless illustrates how neither Mason nor his editor did the best job of fact checking information As a result Mason s credibility suffers It suffers when he states on page 160 that The Jude 3 Project led by Lisa Fields is committed to euipping the local church in fulfilling the mandate of Jude 13 contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God s holy people I don t know why he states Jude 13 in that part given the fact Jude 13 does not make mention of contending for the faith per se Rather it pairs with verse 12 in describing the characteristics of a false teacher This is simply another example of poor proofreading by Mason andor whoever edited this bookFinally in chapter nine Mason demonstrates how he subscribes to the false purpose theology when he states God created you for a purpose p 170 He fails to understand that Christians were created for good works plural see Ephesians 210 not a purpose singular It s simply the cherry on top to a mess of a bookCONCLUSIONWhile this is certainly not the worst book I ve ever read it s most definitely the worst book I have reviewed for Moody Mason misses the mark on so many levels that I cannot recommend this work Unless you re reading this book for research purposes stay away from itGRADE 20 out of 5

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Read æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Eric Mason Eric Mason ↠ 0 Download Free download Woke Church Voices like Frederick Douglass Dr Eric Mason calls the evangelical church to a much needed reckoning In a time when many feel confused complacent or even angry he challenges the church toBe Aware – to understand that the issue of justice is not a black issue it’s a kingdom issue To learn how the history of racism in America and in the church has tainted our wi. Convicting on many fronts and insanely readable For those wary of the word woke please read the book I ve appreciated listening to Dr Mason s preaching over the past year and I m glad to read this book and recommend it My only complaint is that it s so short Note toying with the idea of writing a full in depth review after the first of the year

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