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  • 12 March 2019
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Brave New Knits Read & Download ´ 104 S With a Foreword written by Jessica Marshall Forbes co founder of Ravelrycom Brave New Knits includes 26 must have garment and accessory patterns all gorgeously photographed by knitting celebrity Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed Contributors range from established designers like Norah Gaughan Wendy Bernard Anne Hanson and knitgrrl Shannon Okey to rising s. I m of mixed minds about this book which is why it s a middling 3 stars from me Pros Good diversity of designers represented Definitely different personalities of designs so a wealth of inspirations A bunch of my favorite designers were in here as well as some new names to look up on Ravelry Always good to broaden my knitting influences I don t think I d make many of the patterns just personal taste and needs but I did really like the Global Cable Coat the Orchid Thief Shawlette and the Foxgloves Lovely photography from Jared FloodCons The biographies of the bloggers got a little repetitive after a while Especially when it was 2 3 pages for each one Though I haven t made any of the patterns yet I checked her website for errata There were a good number of errors actually 10 of the 26 patterns had something to correct Nearly half While there was a lot of design variety there wasn t a lot of variety in the skill levels represented Of the 13 garments only 1 beginner 2 easy and 1 advanced the rest were intermediate The 13 accessories were even worse 3 easy 2 advanced 8 intermediate and no beginner at all When so many new knitters are coming to the craft via the Internet seems like it would make sense to have a bit variety in the experience levels represented especially for a book focusing on blogging designersOverall that puts this book in my Glad the Library Has It But Not One For My Home Collection category Certainly worth a look but would rather just borrow it ifwhen I ever get around to knitting the Orchid Thief

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Brave New Knits Read & Download ´ 104 Tars such as Melissa Wehrle Connie Chang Chinchio and Hilary Smith Callis In depth interviews with the designers reveal their design philosophy and passions From shapely sweaters and delicate shawls to fingerless gloves and stylish hats each of the knitted designs features detailed directions and charts to inspire both the beginner and experienced knitt. Lots of projects I d love to knit this would be a great gift but I m glad the library has a copy tooThe ones I d like to do Milk maiden pulloverGlobal cable coatSilke jacketDelysia camisoleOrigami shrugWoodsmoke scarf I think I may want to do this one soonChutes and ladders socks designed by a mom with young kids cute nameHydrangea neckwearLenina capFoxgloves would make great gifts and they seem to be a fast knitHelix socksLubov scarfThere are others too but I d have to see if I could afford the yarn and commit to the time of the other projects I like better It s a really fun book because it looks at the journey of becoming a designer for 20 of the current blogging knit designers

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Brave New Knits Read & Download ´ 104 Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman cofounder of Ravelrycom is the first book to celebrate the convergence of traditional hand knitting and modern technology The Internet has made it possible for the knitting community to connect through photos pattern sharing and blogs that document the knitting projects and passions of dozens of designers and enthusiast. I like to collect patterns about as much as I like to collect pretty yarns pretty beads pretty paper well pretty anything really so I couldn t believe my luck when Rodale Books offered the digital version of Brave New Knits through NetGalley for reviewers I m thinking teehee it s sooo good to do reviews Yum yum another good treat More on that laterThe Brave part of the title is that it has a short bio on several of wwwRavelrycoms pioneers and then an original pattern from each designer They were a bit ahead of their time in that they had the foresight to use modern technology of the web with the ancient fiberart Very smart ladies wouldn t you say This part of Brave New Knits was a very enjoyable readI couldn t wait to get hold of this gem but little did I realize that the ebook would be laid out the way it is It s basically a draft of the book uncorrected in soooo many ways In fact I ve not been able to actually review any of the patterns There are no photos of any of the items near the area of it s pattern so if you want to see what the item looks like you have to write down what page you re reading hunt through the back of the book where the pictures are then flip back to where the pattern is Remember I just reading it not trying to follow an actual pattern When you do get to the pictures they are blurred This was sooo disappointing as you can imagine but as a dear friend says it is what it isAnother big disappointment is the sizes offered within the patterns With America having the most obese folks myself included on the planet why are our knit books not adjusted to that Now I have heartburnI really don t like doing a non positive reviewa knit book shouldn t do this to me It should lift my spirits