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  • Dido by Adèle Geras
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  • 24 April 2018
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FREE DOWNLOAD Dido by Adèle Geras 107 Hers and then he turned and walked away Love can be deadly Especially when two girls fall for the same man one a ueen the other her serving girl Elissa knows she is playing with fire but she can't Dido is a strong passionate re telling of a classic Greek myth that really captured my imaginationI have to admit that I d never heard of Dido before reading this book and I m rather glad because Dido is compelling and beautifully written by Adele Geras I know that it s a story that I ll remember for a long time But what really made me love Dido was the visits from the gods and goddesses Hermes Aphrodite Hades Hera and Artemis all meddled with confused and comforted the characters throughout the novel usually for their own amusement And I actually knew what they were the gods and goddesses of I was really proud of myself as other than re tellings my last encounter with Greek myth was history in Year 6The story of Dido Elissa Anaeas and many others is messy and complicated Like many good love stories are It actually reminded me a little of A Midsummer Night s Dream with all of the characters loving the wrong person Or should it be that A Midsummer Night s Dream is like Dido I mean Dido s story must be around 2000 years old right Shakespeare s plays are little kids compared to that But anyway Dido s plotline is incredibly meaty and once you can definitely sink your teeth intoI also loved how it s told over just one night with flashbacks to Anaeas time in Carthage About a year and a half I think Because of all the different points if view the same event was seen in many different ways and it really extended the story away from just Dido Elissa and AnaeasI really enjoyed Dido and I feel that I m definitely going to have to read Adele Geras other two re tellings Troy and Ithaka when I get a chance

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FREE DOWNLOAD Dido by Adèle Geras 107 While she was still trembling with the complete unexpectedness of what Aeneas had just said and done he leaned forward a little and kissed her on the mouth Just one swift soft touch of his lips on Dido is a deeply moving story It is the tale of two women who fall in love with the same man The first is a ueen who builds herself an empire in Carthage after escaping the mad tendencies of her brother ueen Dido is a strong beautiful and formidable woman who is perhaps the only Greek female ruler who embraces her power and is not weakened by her female identity She is almost a visionary She is a respected ruler who shows great sense in her kindnesses to her people The second is young Elissa the ueen s handmaidenDido has ruled Carthage wisely until the day that Aeneas arrives with his men on the shores of her country When Dido meets the wandering Trojan she falls madly in love with him Her head is full of constant thoughts of him Her heart is longing for his touch Aeneas has a young son Ascanius who is mischievous and uite a handful Dido arranges for her handmaiden Elissa to be his nursemaid while Aeneas stays in Carthage Dido goes out of her way to make Aeneas as comfortable as possible and gives him all the luxuries he could possibly desire But the Gods have already written Aeneas s destiny and he has been told by his mother the Goddess Aphrodite that he is to build a great city across the water from CarthageAphrodite is a mother who spoils her son allowing him the fulfilment of all his desires Dido opens herself up to him and takes him for her husband She is willing to share her power as ruler with him even though she has always wanted to rule alone But Aeneas wants a kingdom of his own I think he was too proud a man to accept that which was offered by a commanding woman Instead his eyes begin to wander to the innocent Elissa She is a sweet natured girl who falls for Aeneas s handsome face and gentle manner with his son Her heart and body are bursting with desire for him Unfortunately the Goddess Aphrodite cannot deny her son anything and so follows the great betrayal of DidoI felt really moved by this story The strength of love a mother has for a child should also extend to not giving in to what they think they want It makes me think of the increase in childhood obesity and parents not having the strength to say no to all these junk foods and sweet treats My motto is everything in moderation Perhaps this does not apply to love but perhaps it should if the choices you make will break the hearts of those you love Ad le Geras has written another beautiful masterpiece Characters touch your heart as you are woven into the narrative and feel their shame their joy and their heartbreak Cubby was my favourite character from this novel He was the most innocent observer and showed so much loyalty It really endeared him to me I pitied Dido but I couldn t help but think she suffocated people with her expectations Elissa was not as naive as she made herself out to be Geras inspires such passionate feelings towards her characters that the ending of this novel left me with a deep feeling of sorrow Dido is a masterpiece which builds slowly weaving history and fantasy to create a most explosive story Truly excellent


FREE DOWNLOAD Dido by Adèle Geras 107 Resist ueen Dido suspects nothing until one fateful night Secrets are revealed hearts are broken and as dawn breaks a terrible tragedy unfolds This is a passionate tale of love betrayal and revenge I would recommend this highly to someone who wants to read uickly and easily the bare bones of Virgil s epicI found the book interesting the easiest word to use when I don t uite like something and can t lay my finger on why Maybe if I did not know the end of the book I would have enjoyed the details given to the course of the night As it was I was pleasantly surprised by the telling of the story but nowhere near intrigued enough to keep reading The tragic climax left me unmoved simply because I knew what to expect