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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Forgetting Zoë
  • Ray Robinson
  • English
  • 12 June 2017
  • 9780434020324

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Forgetting Zoë characters Ù 107 Read & Download Forgetting Zoë Zoë Nielsen was just like any other ten year old walking to school not knowing that a chance encounter with Thurman Hayes would lead to her abduction and imprisonment in a converted nuclear bunker beneath a remote Arizona ranch houseBack home 4000 miles away on an island off the coast of Newfoundland the press coverage surrounding Zoe's mother Ingrid is rapidly This story of the abduction of a ten year old girl or rather because the abduction is barely mentioned This story of the events leading up to the abduction of a ten year old girl her incarceration her escape and the effect this all has on people was a huge pleasure The story was plenty enough to keep me interested and the standard of writing was beautiful and poignant and incredibly real There is a real sense of place about the two main locations rendered by description and even in a short novel you came to understand and empathise with several of the main characters so well painted are they I might potentially knock half a star off because I was so immersed in the rich language that I lost the thread of the plot in places also not helped by the stylistic choice to separate out certain time periods and locations less clearly than they might have been but it was a really involving and high uality read that I will not soon forget

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Forgetting Zoë

Forgetting Zoë characters Ù 107 Read & Download Forgetting Zoë Is all about his needs and wants being metBut over time Thurman will grow tired of the rapidly maturing Zoë And when he decides it is time to get rid of her Zoë must finally make her bid for freedom Forgetting Zoë is a moving epic tale of courage survival horror and loss that explores how a bond of affection and intimacy can develop between captive and captor The shape of this was not as I anticipated the balance of the protagonists different Ray Robinson chose not to explain uite a lot of things others bits of information he drip fed Some sections were less than half a page The whole of it was uniue deeply disturbing understandable while horrific and hugely impressive as once again he inhabits the mind of a young and vulnerable female as he so successfully did in Electricity and fills the reader s head with her experiences and emotions

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Forgetting Zoë characters Ù 107 Read & Download Forgetting Zoë Turning sour Even the arrest of a suspect and Ingrid's newly established relationship with Zoë's father isn't enough to stop the nightmare from which there is no wakingEnslaved in her underground tomb deprived of food and light and water the girl Zoe once was steadily begins to disappear Allowed to see and hear only what Thurman permits she lives in a world that Oh the detail Amazing prose almost every page has a phrase or sentence that bursts with rich vocabulary or inner revelations And you begin thinking how could this be But it becomes believable and over the only possible narrative An author of great skill