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CHARACTERS ✓ Why You Like It From the chief architect of the Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project comes a definitive and groundbreaking examination of how your mind body and upbringing influence the music you loveEveryone loves music But what is it that makes music so universally beloved and have such a powerful effect on usIn this sweeping and authoritative book Dr Nolan Gasser a composer pianist and musicologist and the chief architect of the Music Genome Project which powers Pandora Radio breaks down what musical taste is where it comes from and what our fav. 6510If Gasser had actually written the book he outlines at the beginning this might be one of my favorite books ever As the primary architect of the music genome project he states that his intentions are to write a pretty relatable dive into music structure and why people have certain affinity for various songs and genres The portion describing the history of Pandora and his role creating it s musical taste database is fascinating However once he moves into music structure and how to classify it Gasser just can t help himself As the type of analytic person to develop his music genome project he can t summarize He starts in on a topic and has to tell you everything he knows about it What is supposed to be an overview that someone without any music background can follow becomes a deep dive into music theory I have a bit of music background having played piano for four years and having sung in a choir in high school and I found myself completely lost at times It didn t help that the website that is supposed to contain music clips and extra material doesn t really work I m glad I read this and there were a lot of absolutely fascinating portions but a good editor should have sat down with Gasser and explained that in order to reach a broader audience he needed to make the book he d described in the first chapter


CHARACTERS ✓ Why You Like It Ols to enhance their musical preferences He takes readers under the hood of their favorite genres pop rock jazz hip hop electronica world music and classical and covers songs from Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin to Kendrick Lamar to Bill Evans to Beethoven and through their work introduces the musical concepts behind why you hum along tap your foot and feel deeply Why You Like It will teach you how to follow the musical discourse happening within a song and thereby empower your musical taste so you will never hear music the same way agai. Despite my rating I actually really like the musical learning I gleaned from this book As an extremely amature musician myself I read music and enjoy it but I didn t understand much music theory This gave me a good overview of those concepts and how to look at music as the sum of it s parts allowing you to notice commonalities between piecessongs that otherwise wouldn t be obvious And even if you don t read music the companion website provides samples for the examples in the book so you can hear what is being presented as you go alongSo why not 4 or 5 stars Well the reader needs to be dedicated to get through this Gasser set out to help the general public understand their musical taste better but I can t see the general public picking this book up which is a shame really He knows his topic extremely well but because he wants to cover as much as possible regarding music he is prone to tangents and side discussions that can go for multiple pages and distract from the main premise and that makes this dense long book even denser and longerI also see a lot of what I would call defensive writing in the interlude chapters This involves explaining theories in detail even if they aren t aligned with current thinking seemingly just to make it clear that he did his research and then backing away from it and explaining why some other theory is better I felt like he could have clarified and streamlined the book a bit by glossing over the older outdated theories and emphasising which direction he believed was correct upfrontIn the end I am still thinking about this book and it s concepts as I listen to music in my day to day life so for me this book is a success If you have the patience to sit with the content and really take the time to digest it I think it might be for you too


CHARACTERS ✓ Why You Like It Orite songs say about usDr Gasser delves into the science psychology and sociology that explains why humans love music so much; how our brains process music; and why you may love ueen but your best friend loves Kiss He sheds light on why babies can clap along to rhythmic patterns and reveals the reason behind why different cultures across the globe identify the same kinds of music as happy sad or scary Using easy to follow notated musical scores Dr Gasser teaches music fans how to become engaged listeners and provides them with the to. Best for someone with at least some perfunctory musical understanding eg the ability to read music but immensely informative and thoughtful