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Breaking Wild review · eBook or Kindle ePUB read & download Æ eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Diane Les Becquets Amy Raye's past the she suspects that Amy Raye might yet be alive Pru's own search becomes an obsession for a woman whose life is just as mysterious as the clues she has left behind As the novel follows Amy Raye and Pru in alternating threads Breaking Wild assumes the white knuckled pace of a thriller laying bare Amy Raye's ultimate reckoning with the secrets of her life and Pru's dogged pursuit of the woman who against all odds she believes she can fin I truly enjoyed this uniue novel by Diane Les Becuets featuring two women Amy Ray Latour a bow hunter in pursuit of elk and Pru Hathaway the search and rescue ranger who with her dog Kona searches for Amy when she disappears during a camping tripThe novel is told in alternating chapters from both Amy and Pru s point of view and also goes back in forth in time so the reader learns about each woman s childhood young adult life and current situation While at the most literal level Amy is lost and Pru seeks her the reader learns that in the metaphorical sense each of the women is both lost and seeking Both characters have a realistic depth to them and Les Becuets gives us a novel that feels both character driven with the suspense of wanting to know how the plot will endI mention the two women as main characters but Les Becuets beautifully draws a third character worth mentioning the landscape Nature plays an important role in the story and the author s vibrant description of the setting and Amy and Pru s love of nature is thoroughly enjoyableThank you to NetGalley and Berkley for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Breaking Wild review · eBook or Kindle ePUB read & download Æ eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Diane Les Becquets Nts a different set of dangers than Amy Raye has planned for and she finds herself on the verge of the precarious edge that she's flirted with her entire life When Amy Raye doesn't return to camp ranger Pru Hathaway and her dog respond to the missing person's call After an unexpected snowfall and few leads the operation turns into a search and recovery Pru though is not resigned to that The she learns about the woman for whom she is searching and about Exceptional Read on so I can tell you why The Hook I couldn t resist Berkley s pre publishing description or my GR friend Patty s review of this titleThe Line While other girls turned sweet sixteen she learned how to field dress a deer The Sinker Epigram We can never break free from the dark and degrading past Let us see life again nevertheless in the words of Isaac Babelas a meadow over which women and horses wander MAXINE KUMIN Women and Horses I rarely read a book that I can t put down but I knew in this case I had to in order to savor the experience So put it down I did reading it over several days allowing time to contemplate stretching out the suspense and sheer beauty of this survival story Breaking Wild reads like a memoir purposely so as described by author Diane Les Becuets In an interview on NPR she explains that there could be a memoir in her but at this time she prefers to write autobiographical fiction which frees me up because I care so deeply for the people in my life not to have to inflict any hurt or shame on anyone else I d read her memoir in a minute yet I respect her wishes to keep her experiences of pain and sorrow hers and hers alone until if and when she wants to share themMarch is celebrated as Women s History Month and many books will be recommended that feature strong women Breaking Wild features not one strong woman but two and deserves to be added to that list Amy Raye is on a hunting trip for elk with two male companions Raye a bow hunter has yet to get her tag and sets off alone to remedy this She wounds a male elk and must track him to make the kill Somehow she becomes horribly lost in the Colorado wilderness in snow pack conditions and freezing cold Prue Hathaway and her rescue dog Kona set out to find the missing Raye This is no easy task and after several days of horrific weather Raye is feared dead What is initially a rescue mission soon becomes one of search and recovery Over several weeks we are privy to Amy Raye s and Prue Hathaway s thoughts and feelings as the story unfolds in alternating chapters and we learn the back story of their lives There is a profound feeling of unity as one woman hopes for rescue and the other tries not to give up that hope Diane Les Becuets portrays two determined brave courageous women in this her debut into adult fiction Amy and Prue are so real my emotions were raw throughout This might not be the book for those of you who are against hunting of animals for any reason For the rest of you let me assure you that Les Becuets shows a deep respect for the elk her character hunts and the gift this flesh provides She details the hunt perhaps than some may tolerate In addition her lush descriptions of nature and the wilderness made Breaking Wild an adventuresome read for meI have purchased a copy of Breaking Wild and will be donating it to my public library I predict it will be a word of mouth hit with readers

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Breaking Wild review · eBook or Kindle ePUB read & download Æ eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Diane Les Becquets In captivating prose Diane Les Becuets tells the story of one woman missing in the Colorado wilderness and another bent on discovering the missing woman's whereabouts in an unforgettably moving and thrilling literary debutIt is the last weekend of the season for Amy Raye Latour to get away Driven to spend days alone in the wilderness Amy Raye mother of two is compelled by the uiet and the rush of nature But this time her venture into a remote area prese DecisionsWe all make them every second of the day But do we honestly weigh the impact upon those we love Like the pebble thrown carelessly into the pondthe concentric circles seem to go on foreverAmy Ray Latour ventures out on an elk hunt during the last weekend of the season with two male hunting companions Colorado wilds are just the place for an avid bow hunter and Amy is not going to lose a second of opportunity In the wee hours of the morning Amy takes out on her own well before her hunting buddies have even stirred Her uick decisions and preparations may come back to haunt herWhen Amy fails to show up at the camp site Pru Hathaway and her dog are called in for the search Pru is an archaeological law enforcement ranger who is certified in search and rescue operations with her well trained dog Kona The hunt for Amy begins and every resource is being employedNow hear me out This is not just a hunters only kind of read You will come to know the backstory on both Amy and Pru Two completely different women with two completely different lifestyles But it s back to those decisions once again It s the impact of the road not taken or perhaps the impact of the actual road tread upon in life What unravels in the telling of this tale will hold you steady and engaged but it will also find you breathing harder and shaking your head in frustration at times It s all on the givingreceiving side of life Yes those decisionsIn truth I found myself exasperated with Amy at times as a fellow hiker and outdoors person Choices once again went out the window with both women And yet the writing is superb Les Becuets infuses the storyline with her knowledge and her research The words flow with emotions and the heavy human element visits us time and time again Zip through technical jargon if you must but don t lose what is at the core herepainful human transgressionsI was locked into this book I walked both sides of the street in loving and disliking the main characters all at the same time Now that is the key feature of a very talented author Keep me engaged in the story and send my emotional scale registering highs and lows You sold me Diane Les Becuets I am so awaiting your next offering

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