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The Burning The Haunting of Grey Hills #1

CHARACTERS The Burning The Haunting of Grey Hills #1 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Everyone in Grey Hills knows about the fire that burned down the old high school fifty years ago Macy Pierce grew up hearing horror stories about the students who burned alive inside it It was a. More reviews at Mrs ReaderPantsWHAT I LIKED The story begins uickly and is easy to get into which will help encourage reluctant readers to keep reading The plot is easy to follow and suspenseful For about the first half I enjoyed the story and looked forward to readingWHAT I DIDN T LIKE So much profanity If you have read my reviews before you probably know that profanity does not much affect whether or not I purchase a book for my school After working with middle and high school students for many years I know that my students even the most innocent of them have heard profanity at school in public and often at homeRather than picking apart every swear word in a book I look at the purpose of profanity in the story Does it help define a character Does it make a setting or social environment realistic In the case of The Burning the answer is a resounding NO This book has so much unnecessary profanity F bombs are all over the place and all the characters speak as though the F word is part of their everyday repertoire Profanity is way overused here and adds absolutely nothing to the plot I did not connect with any of the characters Macy just seems mean to Jackson who is the only character I sort of liked And where are Dom Sam and Trev s parents These three self described ghost hunters are still just high school students Where do they live How do they buy food Who bought Dom s car Do they have medical and car insurance So unrealistic that three teens could bounce around the USA solving ghost mysteries without gaining any attention from children s services Finally we get to that abrupt ending What happened there Is my ARC missing a chapter I reread the last chapter and still didn t get the ending It just STOPSTHE BOTTOM LINE The Burning has potential but it does have its issues too Better in the first half than the second School librarians need to be aware of excessive profanitySTATUS IN MY LIBRARY Due to excessive profanity and abrupt ending I have no plans to purchase this oneREADALIKES Creepover series NightRATING BREAKDOWN Overall 25 Creativity 25 Characters 15 Engrossing 35 Writing 35 Appeal to teens 35 Appropriate length to tell the story 35 CONTENT Language extreme nothing is off the table here 60 F bombs 23 shits Sexuality mild unwelcome kiss pawing at jeans Violence mild past suicide arsonmurder and attempted murder DrugsAlcohol mild Macy s brother was killed in a drunk driving accident

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CHARACTERS The Burning The Haunting of Grey Hills #1 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB To flames she begins to uestion her own sanity Now she sees signs of the dead everywhere and she and a group of new friends may be all that stands between the new high school and a doorway to hel. Was the plot well crafted No Were the characters dynamic No But I will certainly be recommending this to my less confident readers It looks like a high school book It reads like many high school ghost stories but at a reading level that many of my special education students will be comfortable with picking up It doesn t look like a baby book

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CHARACTERS The Burning The Haunting of Grey Hills #1 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Tragic accidentright After Macy's brother dies over the summer she doesn't expect the first day of her junior year to feel normal But when she starts seeing things including a teacher bursting in. Macy new to a town discovers that her high school is haunted through horror stories and starts to uestion her sanity once she starts seeing things I was not really into this book as much I stopped reading for a bit I want to try and finish the book and continue with the series some time this summer I recommend this book to readers who are interested in horror type of books

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