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review Every Last Breath Jennifer L. Armentrout ☆ 4 Free download Every Last Breath Read & Download ↠ 4 Some loves will last ’til your dying breathEvery choice has conseuences but seventeen year old Layla faces tougher choices than most Light or darkness Wickedly sexy demon prince Roth or Zayne the gorgeous protective Warden she never thought could be hers Hardest of all Layla has to decide which s. Every Last Breath by Jennifer L Armentrout is the third and final book in the series The Dark Elements Holy Canola Oil and Wow just Wow This book was amazing There were no down times no slow spots just amazing from page one until the end And what a fantastic ending it was This is going to be one of those reviews where I am so limited as to what I can say without spoiling anything Things start right where the previous book left off The Lilin has taken over Layla s friend Sam s body But not just taken over he has taken his soul Layla of course feels like this is all somehow her fault and that she alone is responsible for rescuing Sam s soul from Hell Layla is also still filled with guilt over what happened between she and Zayne She knows that she can t continue on this way that she must decide between these two men who are so important to her Who really does hold her heart Who is she truly in love with The beautiful gargoyle shifter that she has loved since she was seven years old or the dark and brooding Crown Prince who looks at her with a longing she might never really understand Layla starts to notice subtle changes in herself She isn t craving souls the way she used to She s not cold the way she was She s a little faster and a little stronger And when she shifts well wow What is happening and what does it all mean There are many uestions as to who and what Layla really is and all uestions are answered As I parted ways with Stacey I knew that my promise had done very little to reassure her Truth was the promise was one I never should ve made Because I had a lot of stupid left in me and I knew what I had to do The Lilin wants Lilith set free and if she is she will bring on devastation to the world If she isn t set free the Originals will come and do the same And of course all the responsibility of figuring all of this out rests on Layla s shoulders What was happening was so much bigger than us so much important than what we wanted or desired There is so much Layla want to do She wants to finish high school go to college She wants to travel She s never been anywhere She has never been accepted by the clan who raised her been rejected by those that created her So why does she feel responsible to fix everything She could run go somewhere and hide But the Layla we have all fallen in love with won t do that She ll fight for what she feels is right no matter what the sacrifice This whole series was amazing and the ending was epic I expected no less This is Jennifer Armentrout and everything I have read of hers has been eually wonderful and uniue This book will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end But as much as there is ugliness in Layla s world there is beauty She is in love I sighed so much during this book that I might have hyperventilated I have to say thank you again to JLA for a wonderfully entertaining series I don t know where all your creativity comes from but I thank you for it

review Every Last BreathEvery Last Breath

review Every Last Breath Jennifer L. Armentrout ☆ 4 Free download Every Last Breath Read & Download ↠ 4 Ide of herself to trustLayla has a new problem too A Lilin the deadliest of demons has been unleashed wreaking havoc on those around herincluding her best friend To keep Sam from a fate much much worse than death Layla must strike a deal with the enemy while saving her city and her race from destru. TEAM ROTH ALL THE WAY WITHOUT A DOUBT

review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Jennifer L. Armentrout

review Every Last Breath Jennifer L. Armentrout ☆ 4 Free download Every Last Breath Read & Download ↠ 4 CtionTorn between two worlds and two different boys Layla has no certainties least of all survival especially when an old bargain comes back to haunt them all But sometimes when secrets are everywhere and the truth seems unknowable you have to listen to your heart pick a side and then fight like he. It s been a long time since I ve gotten behind the wheel of a Jla book and it s been a long time since I devoured a book this fast Started it at 3 finished it at five Every Last Breath is the third and final book in the Dark Elements Trilogy if you haven t read the first two please do not pass go and do not pick up two hundred dollars GO BACK NOW AND READ THE FIRST TWO Every Last Breath does not let downAs much as I want to load this review with spoils that would turn you rotten I wont ELB picks up right where Stone Cold Touch left off The Lilin is still out and causing chaos Layla is still confused about what she is And of course we are still waiting on the answer of who the hell does Layla pick Gargoyle Zayne or Crown Prince of the Under World Roth I like everyone else mainly was waiting to find out which dude she be choosin Clearly being team Roth I was on the edge of my seating waiting for the moment when the big uestion was answered And boy do we get an answer No I wont tell you what happens I will give you of course a run down of what I thoughtLayla is still one of my favorite Fems and brings the thunder in this book Finally putting on her big girl panties I was so happy with her character development She goes from a strong physical character to a strong emotional character She starts making decisions and realizes becoming an adult means having to make tough choices but you have to make them Good or bad outcome it must be done Then we have sweet sweet Zayne Who again continues to be a strong male presence and someone you want to cheer for Even if deep down inside in this case you ll want the nice guy to finish last sorry I overall liked his character in this book even though at one point I did think the direction something was taken was a little cheese On to Roth HOLY HOT DEMON BABIES EVERYWHERE ROTH WHOOSH SWOON I d walk through hell for his hottie He blew my mind in this book Didn t think it was possible for him to get any better but yup WRONG Every time he was present I had to make sure I was sitting down just got so weak in the knees If getting pregnant by reading was possible Well I wouldn t need Maury to tell me that Roth IS the father

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