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characters Naked author Stacey Trombley 107 The best place to hide is in a lieI could never fit in to the life my parents demanded By the time I was thirteen it was too much I ran away to New York Cityand found a nightmare that lasted three years A nightmare that began and ended with a pimp named Luis Now I am Dirty Anna Br. Wow this was so hard to review I had read all these amazing reviews about how gritty and realistic this book is but I found it completely the opposite The main character is a girl Anna who ran away from home at 13 after having become a little wild child at age 12 sleeping around and partying and gets mad because her parents treat her like she s a possession She heads to New York City gets raped gets picked up by a guy whom she falls in love with and who eventually becomes her pimp and she spends three years on the streets as a prostitute That is all back story and the book begins with Anna being picked up by the police and reunited with her parentsJust a note I can t review this completely without SPOILERS You are duly warnedSo much potential there But the voice doesn t ring true for me Yes it s a teen voice but it s too close to a typical normal snarky teen voice to be a girl from the streets who s been sleeping with grown men for money living in the depths of the dark side of a big city not attending school at all She s taken by her rich parents who I admit seem cold and uncaring She goes willingly if a bit grudgingly with them does show some negativity about being home but then her parents immediately tell her they re sending her back to schoolThis is where it really falls off the tracks for me I can t imagine her parents sending her off to school public school it sounds like putting her on the bus and she just goes and it immediately falls into a typical teen angst high school drama book Yes Anna makes a point to remind the reader that she used to be a hooker but none of her actions read true And her parents would not have sent her off that way For one they d not trust her to not just run away again Most runaways especially ones who have been out like that on their own just run off again Unless she was desperate to get away from her old life which she does not seem at ALL she d probably have pretended to get on the bus and at the very least ditched school if not run away altogether She has some hiccups but starts school pretty much like any teen going to high school for the first timeLet me side note here Why would her parents send her off to public school These are rich people and her father in particular is concerned first and foremost with his social standing so wouldn t they send her to private school or at least a school where their names are not known He d be worried about rumors and he doesn t trust her at all so he d want her someplace where she d really be watched carefully Also there is no attempt to get her any kind of therapy No discussion of it at all in the beginning Even if the parents were too ashamed or the father who believes wholeheartedly in a firm hand didn t want someone else involved the social worker or someone would suggest therapyThe kids of course recognize her as the girl who d been missing for three years although none of them had known her before I get that there would be rumors but with the exception of one boy in particular and a couple other girls every kid in school assumes she was off in rehab or juvie or having babies and they treat her horribly I know she d have a hard time fitting in and she would imagine everyone guessing at her past but it just seemed a bit extreme that everyone actually assumed she was a word won t let me use in a review Also Anna doesn t at all act like a street tough girl She s scared running off to the bathroom to cry not standing up for herself In her head she talks tough but she never acts tough One girl threatens her and even knocks her down but all she does is think to herself that she ll take the girl down but does nothing She also refers to this girl as the meanest she s ever seen A teen bully who s done nothing than give her dirty looks and push her in the hallway meaner than all the girls she s met on the streets of NYCWhat I find about this book is that it suffers from what a lot of Christian novels suffer from I m not saying this book is there are no references but I do have suspicions It reminds me of a contemporary teen version of Francine River s Redeeming Love References to sex but total avoidance of actual situations cussing that doesn t come across as natural and a Mary Sue character this time the male love interest who saves Anna from herself all of these are things common to Christian fiction that is trying to reach a secular audience If that s the case I give her major props for effort but the voice and plot issues and the way everything felt only surface deep made it not resonate with me It did come close during a climactic scene toward the end but even then it just reinforced what I d thought the entire time I was reading that this would have been much effective if told via a dual story line showing Anna s past and present in alternating chapters so we can really see the girl who used to be and why she became what she was

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characters Naked author Stacey Trombley 107 Oken like everything inside me has gone badExcept that for the first time I have a chance to start over Not just with my parents but at school Still the rumors follow me everywhere Down the hall In classes And the only hope I can see is in the wide brightly lit smile of Jackson th. My ThoughtsNaked is an excellent debut by Stacey Trombley It is the powerful and eye opening story of Anna Rodriguez Anna ran away from her dysfunctional family at the young age of thirteen She left with the naive dreams of a young girl hoping to become a star in New York Instead she ended up being thrust in to a life of teenage prostitution and misery When Anna is sixteen she is discovered as the runaway that she is and returned to her familyAnna s parents expect her to live a normal teenage life and attend the local high school She is shunned gossiped about stared at and treated horribly Luckily Anna is able to forge a strong friendship with two other girls that are outcasts and she develops both a friendship and crush on the sweet good looking and nerdy Jackson Things are not going well at home due to Anna s temperamental overbearing and abusive father but at least her mother is standing up to him and trying to show her daughter how much she loves her Anna s life takes a turn for the worse when she begins getting anonymous notes in her locker from someone calling her by her prostitute name claiming to know about her secret past and threatening to reveal all of her secrets What will happen is Jackson discovers that she lied to him about her past and about being a teen prostitute Jackson s already told Anna that the number one thing he hates is a liar Will Anna eventually lose her new friends and the guy who makes her happyNaked was a highly emotional read for me It was raw and revealing to the horrors that can befall a teenage runaway It hurt my heart to read as Anna had flashbacks and reflected on her past experiences It was also heartbreaking watching her try to assimilate back in to normal life She was bullied by her peers as well as by her father Yet Anna had an inner strength She was a survivor Despite everything she went through she was very compassionate and a leader I loved how she stood up for what she believed in and was very courageousJackson was a wonderful character as well He was genuinely caring and tried to be a friend to Anna from the beginning Jackson didn t give up when she pushed him away and eventually he won her over Jackson had his own demons to contend with and had been bullied in the past However that didn t stop him from being like a bright ray of sunshine in Anna s lifeAt the root of this story we get very powerful messages These include the fact that everyone has their secrets and nobody is perfect Also a message about healing and regaining your power from those who like to bully and hurt others I loved Naked Despite the topic discussed there were not any sexually explicit scenes in the story I would recommend this book to oldermature teens and adults It is a very meaningful story that will impact readers and hopefully make people think about judging others gossiping and bullying as well as give a clear cut warning about the dangers lurking for teen runawaysMy RatingI give Naked by Stacey Trombley 4 Powerful Emotional Healing and Sweet Romance Filled Stars I am looking forward to seeing what Ms Trombley writes nextTo Read More Book Reviews Visit A Bookish Escape at

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characters Naked author Stacey Trombley 107 E boy next door So I lie to him I lie to protect him from my past I lie so that I don’t have to be The Girl Who Went BadThe only problem is that someone in my school knows about New York Someone knows who I really amAnd it’s just a matter of time before the real Anna is expose. This book tackled a lot of serious issues and even though I thought the resolution was a bit too optimistic I liked the story I would have liked to have read about Anna s past though But overall I liked the book

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