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Operation Zulu Redemption Summary ✓ 2 They never should’ve existed Now they don’t  Zulu the first all female special ops team was set up to take a devastating fall Fearing. Originally published serially Operation Zulu Redemption is a 5 part mini series that would really make a great TV show Full of action and danger it s really hard to put down I really enjoyed the TV series like concept of episodes and putting them together into a season As with TV shows there s significant potential for a second season with many relationships and mysteries that could be explored furtherThe women all had believable side effects from the trauma of their sabotaged Op as well as five years of building a new life Some ready to embrace their new lives only to have it ripped from them again others unable to cope with the trauma and new identity and happy to be back on the team where they feel they belong Of the women I had the hardest time reconciling the Teya of Zulu with her Amish alternate identity she s just so very effective at her job with being probably the best hand to hand combatant of the bunch Nuala I would love to know about it felt like she took a bit of a backseat to the others but I really liked her uiet observation her constant belief in the best of others and her introverted personalityWith so any characters and points of view I really appreciated that it s long enough to flesh out the characters and plot over 500 pages I love long books and yet somehow there s the sense that we ve still only scratched the surface I hope the author has plans for Zulu

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Operation Zulu Redemption Summary ✓ 2 For their lives Zulu members vanished with new identities Isolated and haunted by their past they are terrified of being discovered  Over. Wow What a read An all woman special forces team making military history On their first mission out they are set up to take the fall for killing innocent women and children Trace Weston has kept them safe for 5 years by keeping them hidden with new identities Now they are being targeted again Who is responsible The nosy Army Intelligence analyst bent on revenge and a love struck ex Navy SEAL may get them all killed before they can find out They must come together to try to solve the original mystery of who set them up to be able to stop the murders going on now Can Trace continue to keep the team safe and solve the mystery before it s too late That s the million dollar uestion Ronie Kendig has done it again combined romance mystery intrigue assassins and gunfire into one explosive story I can t wait for from Team Zulu

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Operation Zulu Redemption Summary ✓ 2 The years the brave women of Zulu have begun to hope they might be safe and the terrible tragedy forgotten  Until two of them are murdered. INSANITY I am at a loss for words in a good way of course I absolutely loved this series I love all of the books I have read by Kendig But I do have to admit I felt like there were a few things that were left hanging It really left me wanting for and I wish she had continued this with at least another series It is just so freaking good Ugh

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  • 05 September 2019
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