[PDF/EBOOK] Pakistan Between Mosue And Military ☆ Husain Haqqani

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  • Pakistan Between Mosue And Military
  • Husain Haqqani
  • English
  • 03 June 2019
  • 9780870032141

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Pakistan Between Mosue And Military Read & Download à 5 's military and explores the nation's uest for identity and security Tracing how the military has sought US support by making itself useful for concerns of the moment – while continuing to strengthen the mosue military alliance within Pakistan – Haani offers an alternative view of political developments since the country's independence in 19. one must understand Americans will leave afghanistan as they left it torn apart and in a mess for the neighbours to handle after USSR war 1979 What option does Pakistan have to keep the border safe At the same time CIA was posed hero once they fought alongside Taliban and are posed hero when they fought against Taliban This book is a Typical example of Paid Propoganda stories have been molded and given the name of facts

Summary Pakistan Between Mosue And MilitaryPakistan Between Mosue And Military

Pakistan Between Mosue And Military Read & Download à 5 S led to the assumption that Pakistan might be ready to give up its longstanding ties with radical Islam But Pakistan's status as an Islamic ideological state is closely linked with the Pakistani elites' worldview and the praetorian ambitions of its military This book analyzes the origins of the relationships between Islamist groups and Pakistan. The former Pakistani ambassador to the United States 08 11 Haani makes a convincing case confirming some of the fears of the US and convictions of the Indians over at least the last couple of decades That Pakistani political affairs are dominated entirely by its military which rules on what Haani calls a tripod of policy aims1 Pan islamism and islamization as a means of justifying the existence of Pakistan and seeking leverage in the Muslim world2 Anti India aggression as a means of mobilizing the population and supporting the constant threat narrative of Pakistan which allows continued military domination of the country3 Economic and military development sought through foreign aid primarily that of the US by using them as an ally of convenience and hoodwinking support while often acting diametrically opposite to US interestHusain Haani goes beyond the usual analysis that starts with Zia s regime and the Afghan war and makes the convincing claim that the policy tripod has existed ever since the 47 partition and the military mosue alliance created by the Military by overtly and covertly supporting initially the Jamaat e Islam and later a wide host of Islamist groups has helped give the military an appearance of guardianship of Islam and a veneer of legitimacy despite the lack of popular support for the hardline Islamist parties which have never even come close to achieving legislative majority despite massive military supportHaani concludes that Pakistan s future lies in its shift of direction from ideological to functional state successful parliamentary democracy and abandonment of the policy tripod of seeking military confrontation with India aid from the US and political progress through IslamHaani a PPP appointee appears to have a pro Benazir bias never overt but one that he does not twist facts to support and indeed one that is uite justifiable His extensive indictment of the ISI does however occasionally uite rarely though to be fair descend into what can only be described as convincing conspiracy theoryAll in all an excellent analysis Highly recommended

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Pakistan Between Mosue And Military Read & Download à 5 Among US allies in the war against terrorism Pakistan cannot be easily characterized as either friend or foe Nuclear armed Pakistan is an important center of radical Islamic ideas and groups Since 911 the selective cooperation of president General Pervez Musharraf in sharing intelligence with the United States and apprehending al aeda members ha. A timely read given the recently upheld of capital by a religious mob It helped me understands these recent events as well as a decade back the affairs with Taliban people tracing back roots of religious fundamentalism often stop at Zia ul Ha s efforts for Islamization of state They term it as starting point of support of fundamentalists and inflow of drugs and weapons to Pakistan which in later years proved to be lethal for Pakistan Here Mr Haani went beyond that and argued that this Mullah Military romance started from the very beginning soon after independence attributing this to the policy of Muslim league to play religion card and giving a vague picture of the new state The role of US all along is disappointingand shameful is the role of prominent political leaders like ZA Bhutto for simply carrying out the agenda of mullah military complex This book personally made me nihilistic about Pakistani politics And my belief that democratic government can change the policies which have deeply harmed us is badly shattered A well written insightful book Will recommend to anyone interested in understanding relations between mosue and military