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  • 09 August 2019
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Communication Review Û 102 F CommunicationIncludes how to• Use body language to build rapport with anyone• Deal with clients and colleagues at all leve. Not a lot of new things to learnWhat should have been an article is turned into a poor book Perhaps the article would have got 4 but this barely gets 2

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Communication Review Û 102 Ls• Get what you want in sales or negotiation• Excel in meetings and presentations• Master email and written communication. A Swaziland holiday read I knew this subject matter a little better than others in this series so much of this material wasn t very secretive Although I wished for some citing of sources such as in the example different linguistic styles It could work for a Human Resource resource For better or worse I can see some of these chapters photocopied for a training

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Communication Review Û 102 The communication secrets that experts and top professionals useGet results fast with this uick easy guide to the fundamentals o. This is a short book but has a lot of good content It doesn t dive deep but rather gives a succinct outline of communication practices I thought the advice was fairly practical and I think most people could get something out of it The book uoted a lot of essential books of business and I thought that was good because it pulled the best gems of advice from those books I plan on reading from the Collins Business Secrets series because they are brief but good overviews on business topics This book is good and probably better for you than listening to most podcasts