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  • 15 June 2019
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Summary Echo Point ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ns home Ally finds Libby’s family open and welcomingeveryone that is except Libby’s sister BronFor her part Bron can’t fathom why her family is so enad with Ally even offering her a job and a place to live but grudgingly admires the way Ally and Annie get alongWhile Bron contemplates moving Annie t. Echo Point is a debut novel by Virginia Hale but without any of the typical first novel shortcomings It is a warm story of love loss and family set in the town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains a region west of Sydney in Australia s New South Wales The setting is really interesting very well described and plays a nice role in the narrativeThe main characters Bron 40 and Ally 33 are two likable real to life people with real to life problems and their believable romance develops at a nice comfortable pace The author did a great job with them as well as with seco

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Summary Echo Point ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Bron never intended to move back to Australia Wracked with guilt over her sister Libby’s death she’s spent three months trying to handle her grief while taking care of Libby’s young daughter AnnieLibby’s best friend Ally never had a chance to say good bye to her dear friend When she finally retur. The blurb of this book is inadvertently misleading which can impact a reader s expectations It sounds like this will be a highly dramatic book about a natural disaster that pushes an unlikely couple together However the book isn t that at all In fact there s little drama to be found which I actually preferredInstead the story is about a non conventional family and how they continue their lives with each other after one of them has died The story is told from Bron s perspective a forty year old woman who returns to her hometown in Australia after her younger si

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Summary Echo Point ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub O Boston and away from the only home the little girl has ever known bushfires begin to rage in the nearby mountains and Bron begins to see that she’s sorely underestimated her sister’s friendSoon Ally’s past and Bron’s future collide with a heat and wonder that neither of them expectedWords 58940. I have found this story very romantic The two main characters had a common past although not truly evolved due to their age difference Bron is an illustrator for children s books that went from her hometown in Australia to Boston to develop her career After her sister death due to a car accident Bron must return to take care of their niece that has been left to her custody At this same time Ally is released from prision after serving four years Ally has been Bron sister Libby best friend and has had a crush on Bron since forever Bron can t stand Ally and don