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Judas AUTHOR Amos Oz characters ã 104 El Ash se viene abajo su novia lo abandona sus padres se arruinan y él se ve obligado a dejar sus estudios en la universidad En ese momento desesperado encuentra refugio y trabajo en una vieja casa de piedra de Jerusalén donde deberá hacer compañía y conversar con un anciano inválido y sarcástico A su llegada una atractiva mujer llamada Atalia advertirá a Shmuel de ue no se ena de ella; ese ha sido el mot. This is the third outstanding work I ve read by an Israeli in as many weeks and I find myself falling under a spell of admiration again for a culture that fights back against the worst aspects of itself interrogates itself relentlessly and creates humor around the morose recognition of man s fallibility Into a novel describing three generations living together in Jerusalem in a small house Amos Oz weaves history religion politics and leadership into a meditation on the why and how of Jewishness and the concept of a Jewish state Not for a moment do we believe the characters have a life beyond that of describing a conflict The generous nature of Oz s characters make us willing to suspend judgment and place our trust in his hands awhile to hear what he has to say In our modern world one is rarely willing or able to hear an opposite view but this seems a safe place to examine ideas In a review in the New York Times Oz speaks of this novel as a piece of chamber music A grouping of voices influence one another each different than the other three generations of Jews in IsraelThe time is late 1950s or early 1960s A student Shmuel has found his thesis Jewish Views of Jesus not as uniue as he d imagined and less interesting than something he d bumped up against in research Christian Views of Judas Shmuel discovers that without the traitor Judas Iscariot there would be no Christianity Jesus and his apostles were all Jews Without the crucifixion there would have been no rift in beliefs Needing to ponder this theory further Shmuel has left his thesis unfinished and has taken a job as evening companion to learned old Gershom Wald in exchange for room and board The old man spends his days arguing vociferously with friends and enemies and is a strong supporter of David ben Gurion s Zionism Wald s daughter in law Aitalia holds an opposite and radical view that reflects her own father Shealtiel Abravanel s opinion that the concept of nation states and ownership of land and resources is a faulty one Aitalia s father was one of those people who believe that every conflict is merely a misunderstanding a spot of family counseling and handful of group therapy a drop or two of goodwill and at once we shall all be brothers in heart and soul and the conflict will disappear He was one of those people convinced that all that is reuired to resolve a conflict is for both parties to get to know each other and immediately they will start to like each otherThe novel is a multi layered examination of the idea of traitor and whether or not it is in fact an enlightened state which really ought to be seen as a badge of honor Anyone willing to change Shmuel said will always be considered a traitor by those who cannot change and are scared to death of change and don t understand it and loathe changeShmuel added in a hushed voice as though afraid that strangers might hear After all the kiss of Judas the most famous kiss in history was surely not a traitor s kissBut old man Wald reminds us that it is the name Judas which has become a synonym for betrayal and perhaps also a synonym for Jew Millions of simple Christians think that every single Jew is infected with the virus of treacherySo long as each Christian baby learns with its mother s milk that God killers still tread the earth or the offspring of God killers we Jews shall know no restIn a review for Riad Sattouf s graphic memoir Arab of the Future I d expressed some concern that Arab schoolchildren in the Middle East were learning religious hatreds early never considering that North American Christians were of course learning religious hatreds at the same ageOz makes no secret of his own opinions in interviews but in this work he makes us puzzle it all out He gives us the old conundrums in new ways making us want to take them up again for examination We uestion everything from the ground up This work reminds me why I love literature Oz is able to layer complex motivations onto history and take a stab at trying to explain what man is and what we should expect of himThe translation of this work into English by Nicholas de Lange from the Hebrew is especially easy to enjoy The Blackstone audio production is excellent the work narrated on ten discs 11 hours by Jonathan Davis The hardcover published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is useful to return to some ideas Though the novel is not difficult to read the ideas challenge readers and may reuire a second or third look to tie the threads together This is great stuff Oz is seventy seven years old He should be proud of himself and we should be grateful

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Judas AUTHOR Amos Oz characters ã 104 Ivo de la expulsión de sus predecesores En la aparente rutina ue se crea en la casa el tímido Shmuel siente una progresiva agitación causada en parte por el deseo y la curiosidad ue Atalia le provoca También retoma su investigación sobre la imagen de Jesús para los judíos y la misteriosa y maldita figura de Judas Iscariote la supuesta encarnación de la traición y la mezuindad va absorbiéndole sin remedi. One man s traitor is another man s loyalist In Amos Oz s new tome Judas a coming of age novel the theme of loyalty is explored Shmuel Ash a shy emotional twenty five year old university student is adrift He is dealt three blows to his ho hum existence loss of funding for school due to his father s bankruptcya breakup with his girlfriend and stalled research on his masters thesis on Jewish Views of Jesus Shmuel replies to an ad seeking a part time caregiver and companion for a seventy year old invalid with room board and a small stipend includedGershom Wald an emotionally detached septuagenarian delivers scathing lectures and arguments daily by phone to sparring partners Shmuel must keep Gershom verbally engaged from 5PM to 11PMResiding in the dark dreary silent home with Gershom Wald is Atalia Abravanel war widow and Wald s daughter in law Atalia has a hypnotic alluring hold on Shmuel s emotionsSpending the winter of 1959 1960 in this household Shmuel considers whether Atalia s father Shealtiel Abravanel was a traitor Abravanel opposed the creation of Israel in 1948 feeling that Jews and Arabs should live together as euals He was asked to resign his post in the Zionist Executive Committee Traitor or loyalistShmuel starts to rethink his views on Judas Perhaps Judas was not a traitor Perhaps although misguided he was the first Christian Without Judas Jesus would not have died for our sins Perhaps Judas was not a traitor but used by God as an instrument of changeJudas in a multi faceted tome It is hoped that peace love and understanding might one day prevail Kudos to Amos OzThank you Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Judas by Amos Oz

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Judas AUTHOR Amos Oz characters ã 104 «Amos Oz narra en Judas las grandes preguntas y conflictos de la historia y de la religión en Oriente Próximo»Judas el regreso de Amos Oz a la novela género ue no había frecuentado desde Una historia de amor y oscuridad plantea una audaz y novedosa interpretación de la figura de Judas Iscariote en el contexto de una angustiosa y delicada historia de amor    En el invierno de 1959 el mundo del joven Shmu. Little did I imagine when I was around 30% into the novel that I would award it 4 since I was seriously considering to putt up my hands up and surrender any hope to enjoy this novel The main character annoyed me to no end and I wanted to slap his laziness out of him Still the writing slowly grew on me and the ideas put forward made me ponder and discuss them with my father who is a world politics enthusiast I still did not feel too much sympathy for the main character at the end so not change there Ok I ll get serious now Schmuel Ash is given three major blows by fate which were or less his doing His father losses his business and cannot finance Schmuel s studies any his girlfriend leaves him to marry another man and he gives up on his studies In order to support himself he gets hired by a mature woman Atalja to offer company for a few hours per day to an old crippled man in exchange for home food and a small salary For me the whole setting is only a pretext to discuss the idea of loyalty and treason Amos Oz chooses two important and controversial examples to illustrate his thesis that loyalty can be disguised as treason Schmuel studied religion and his abandoned thesis was named Jesus in the Eyes of the Jews or something like that From his research one idea is borne namely that Judas was the first real Christian because if Jesus hadn t been crucified and resurrected Christianity would not have existed The 2nd subject of discussion comes from the identity of Atalja father a politician who was consider a traitor because he considered that the use of force was not necessary during the creation of the state of Israel and that a compromise could have been reached with the Arabs These two major themes and are discussed between the three characters and the merit of the novel is that it made me wonder if there is some truth in these beliefs In addition I learned interesting facts about Israel s history and politics regarding which I am looking forward to expand my knowledge The appearance of a plot was given by the unshared love Schmuel begins to nurture for Atalja and his efforts to win her affection Without it the book would probably resemble to an essay however an interesting one I believe this novel has chances to win the Booker prize and I would not mind if it did