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Patriots and Tyrants Grandchildren of Liberty #1

Download ß Patriots and Tyrants Grandchildren of Liberty #1 100 Historian and radio personality Lukas FaberBut even with JP's technology and their drive can the people of Secundus overcome the forces of the UN the mass media propaganda machine and the shadowy figure pulling all their strings They are all that stand between Earth's greatest tyranny and true personal freedomLet the battle begin. I m not usually big on political books but this one has was a great read with a well crafted story and a richly detailed world interesting characters and an attention grabbing science fiction The characters from the un charismatic genius inventor who found the world to the brainwashed adopted daughter of the villain Sego are rich and intriguing and the parallel story lines blend seamlessly no mean feat with a multi year multiple character story All in all a well crafted story that keeps you on the edge of your seat powered by the fascinating possibility of an idealistic alternate earth

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Download ß Patriots and Tyrants Grandchildren of Liberty #1 100 When genius JP Cain saw the nation he loved crumbling he did the only thing he could He founded a new one He and 117 like minded souls founded the Republic of Secundus a nation on an alternate Earth that was anything but Eden Filled with animals out of prehistory Secundus forced the colonists to fight for their very existence If. Fair warning DG Bagwell is a friend of mine The story is well done kind of Heinlein tale of a group of freedom fighters operating on a parallel Earth to both build a home and fight the dystopian US government back home However it s deeply interlaced with David s politics which are very far right so to enjoy it you ll either have to be agree with or ignore that aspect My rating is for the story not exactly my sort of thing but well executed than the politics

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Download ß Patriots and Tyrants Grandchildren of Liberty #1 100 They could win a new dream would be born A republic based on the ideas of personal freedom liberty and responsibilityTwo decades later the citizens are embarking on a new mission to help free the world they escaped The United States has broken under the yoke of tyranny and Secundus' best hope rests with political prisoner former. Patriots and Tyrants Grandchildren of Liberty 1By DGBagwellJP Cain founded the Republic of Secundus after the ruin of the old nation On this other Earth the colonists must fight for survival They fight off dangerous animals famine and each other Twenty years later the United States has fallen under tyranny political prisoners are taken but they are needed to help JP He also seeks the help of Lukas Faber a radio personality hoping together they can overpower the enemy Freedom is what he is seeking for the people but will they be able to achieve the freedom they all seek or is it too lateA fast paced complex story Each chapter is about one person and at times it can be a bit confusing An avid reader will be able to follow all the characters and recall past chapters to remember where the story for each particular person left off The story was original and kept me curious to how it would all unfold I suggest Grandchildren of Liberty Patriots and Tyrants to avid serious readers In my opinion if you are not devoted about what you read you may easily get lost in the vast characters and the descriptive details of this fascinating story

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