The Five Gates of Hell (ebook) By Rupert Thomson

  • Paperback
  • 384
  • The Five Gates of Hell
  • Rupert Thomson
  • English
  • 11 May 2017
  • 9780679735717
The Five Gates of Hell

The Five Gates of Hell Free read Ó 106 S the Day of the Dead when celebrants eat marzipan skulls and paint themselves blue to match the corpses on the ocean floor In Moon Beach Nathan Christie is. Reread this book first time I read it was in 1992 and I still find it fantastic however gloomy the setting is Do read this book

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The Five Gates of Hell Free read Ó 106 An anomaly he saves people from drowning In Moon Beach Jed Morgan is in his element following a career that takes him from blackmail to commissioned murder A. Another compelling and literate novel by the extraordinary Rupert Thomson Every novel I ve read by this author is uniue and amusingly bizarre This author definitely has my attention

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The Five Gates of Hell Free read Ó 106 Moon Beach is where you go to die a place where the dead are displayed under maruees and even the sea is dotted with gravestones Once a year the city observe. Rupert Thomson is one of those authors whose work I normally get massively frustrated by as he comes up with a uniue intriguing premise and never manages to uite tie the idea down into a coherent novel And generally speaking I do prefer my novels to be coherent However in this one he doesn t really come up with a premise at all I m not sure that even the location or characters are that well realised either This is a book dealing mainly with the bizarre fictional seaside location of Moon Beach a town where the gangland overlords run funeral parlours and will do anything to get to the topThe two main protagonists are Nathan a fairly middle class kid with an ill and needy father and Jed an ugly mean spirited and slightly creepy kid from the wrong side of the tracks It follows both of them in alternate chapters from being teenage kids with some of the same acuaintances to the inevitable final meeting Which makes it seem like there s an inexorable path to a climactic confrontation But there s not they aren t rivals they re not friends they re both just different characters following different routes in their own separate stories involving some of the same people Nathan is the goodish guy trying to make his way through life honestly Jed is the wrong un doing anything it will take to get into the inner circle of the bad guys And they both come up close and personal to the bad guy the depiction of corrupt malevolent power that is Neville Creed the kingpin of funerals yeah I still don t get that either It s a dreamlike fantasy None of the characters have a firm base in reality and don t have a strong vision of who or what they want to be They pretty much float along in a fugue state not understanding the world they re in and not really attempting too either But it s such a beautifully written vague dream of a story with it s wraithlike characters not a bit of meat on their bones in the vaguely described ghost town of death It s uite uniue hugely enthralling and lingers long in the memory without providing any answers and I m not sure there was even a uestion asked to be honest Lovely darkly ethereal and odd