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  • The Friendship Wordsworth and Coleridge
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  • 05 April 2018
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Summary ò The Friendship Wordsworth and Coleridge Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook 95 when both were in their early twenties and in the euphoria of mutual discovery these brilliant and idealistic young men planned a poem that would succeed where the French Revolution failed a poem that would uite literally change the world In this wonderfully lively and readable account acclaimed author Adam Sisman explores th. Sisman balances both scholarship and story and Wordsworth and Coleridge s lives in a way that allows for an intricate and readable portrait As someone who knows uite a bit about the lake poets and has read several biographies recently I probably enjoyed this book less than it deserves Overall its focus on friendship grounds the work and confirmed my feelings that Wordsworth was not a great friend

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Summary ò The Friendship Wordsworth and Coleridge Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The story of the legendary friendship between Wordsworth and Coleridge The friendship between William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge produced dazzling results From it came Lyrical Ballads the volume that kick started the Romantic Movement in England Rarely have two such gifted writers cooperated so closely They met in 17. Most scholars of the Lake Poets read about Wordsworth and his perspective of the events in his celebrated literary friendship with Coleridge Unfortunately Wordsworth biographers usually glorify WW at the expense of STC especially as his opium addiction makes it very easy to criticize SRC s failures at the expense of the sage of Dove Cottage However Richard Holmes s two volume biography while the best we ll ever have on STC perhaps errs in the other direction Holmes covers it in all its complications including all of STC s faults without much of excusing them though Holmes acutely describes the psychology that led to thatThis volume then is probably ideal for readers who want a good biography of both poets and the events that led to Lyrical Ballads and their greatest work It is truly a dual biography the first 100 pages roughly is their lives before their partnership It goes into wrap mode around 1808 when the friendship ruptured and healed with significant scars Therefore if you want a balanced depiction of both poets and their significant work this will do It s admirably comprehensive for 425 pps of text and gets a pretty clear and well drawn portrait of both I m not sure if it would be 5 stars if I had never read other books on WW and STC but it s possible it might

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Summary ò The Friendship Wordsworth and Coleridge Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Eir passionate and tempestuous bond and the way in which rivalry bred tension between them Though much has been written about this extraordinary duo no previous biographer has considered them together The result offers insights into the rich yet neglected topic of friendship and tantalizing glimpses of the creative process itsel.