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Summary A Pinch of Magic A Pinch of Magic #1 108 Three sisters trapped by an ancient curseThree magical objects with the power to change their fa. So magical and adventurous Loved it

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Summary A Pinch of Magic A Pinch of Magic #1 108 E enchanting new story from Michelle Harrison author of the bestselling Thirteen Treasures Trilo. Actual rating 455 stars This is the first instalment in the A Pinch of Magic trilogyThe three Widdershins sisters are unlike in looks and personality The eldest Fliss is famed island wide for her beauty and her flirting middle child Betty is the straight taking one whose eyes are always resting on the horizon and youngest Charlie is a bundle of energetic trouble who can usually be found with a four legged rescue hiding somewhere inside her overalls All three reside with their granny on dreary Crowstone and all three are longing for adventure This last fact is where lies their problemOn Betty s thirteenth Birthday Granny reveals the Widdershins are plagued by an ancient curse that has them trapped on the island s confines with death their only escape Their only good fortune comes in the shape of three mismatched items handed down to them from generations of their ancestors a carpet bag a mermaid looking glass and a set of dolls and all these items come complete with a little pinch of magicThis was such an intricate and well crafted middle grade story that appealed to this adult reader just as much as the younger age range it was aimed towards I found the three sisters hilarious and lovable and adored getting into mischief alongside them The story line was well paced and brilliantly plotted with an unknowable trajectory that kept each new escapade and spot of trouble feeling fresh and exciting I can t wait to see what the Widdershins get up to next in A Sprinkle of SorceryI received this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Michelle Harrison and the publisher Simon Schuster for this oportunity

Free read ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF · Michelle Harrison

Summary A Pinch of Magic A Pinch of Magic #1 108 TeWill they be enough to break the curseOr will they lead the sisters even deeper into danger Th. A Pinch of Magic is a story of sisters a curse and maybe a pinch of magic Widdershin sisters Fliss Betty and Charlie are the latest in a long line of Widdershin women to be cursed to never leave their home island or else they ll be dead by sundown But Betty longs for adventure and a way to escape her boring life by breaking the curse So when the girls are gifted with some family heirlooms in the shape of a mysterious travelling bag a set of wooden dolls and an old mirror Betty decides to take matters into her own hands and seek out the knowledge of a prisoner who seems to know the answer to breaking the curseI loved the sister s familial bond in this Although all three have strong personalities they bounce off each other well showing genuine affection and warmth for each other Charlie the youngest sister was a personal favourite with her love of animals and food As was the formidable Granny Widdershin who could knock a fully grown man out with her travelling bag before setting up camp back behind the bar of the Poachers Pocket Inn Blunt and direct she can put anyone in their place with one sharp word but she loves her granddaughters than anything and would stop at nothing to protect them Colton is another great addition to the cast as he s uieter and thoughtful than the girls with a harsh and unfair backstory that warms his character to the reader You get a good feel for the reasons behind his desperate actions and just how brave he really is I also really liked the world building Set primarily on large island surrounded by three smaller ones named Lament Torment and Repent it feels atmospheric and full of tension that lends itself well to the high stakes story The world building is good with plenty of descriptions to give colour to the island and help set the scene of a stormy and hostile environment I also particularly liked the chapters dedicated to Sorcha s story and the clever way it was interwoven into the current storyline that made it feel like a magical fairytaleThat said this wasn t perfect for me The story overall feels rather predictable and the ending itself is also a little too neat for me I understand I m not the target audience and I m sure younger readers would be totally satisfied by the conclusion but I just found myself feeling like this lacked a little extra spark of something differentNonetheless this is a lovely story about sisters love and adventure set in a well developed world

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