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review Lovestruck Read & Download Lovestruck 107 Top ten bestselling author Julia Llewellyn explores how well a wife can ever really know her husband in her sparkling new novel LovestruckDo you trust the ones you loveJake and Rosie fell in love fast Before they knew it they were married with kids and happily living in a cramped flat in London All the while J. I have never come across author Julia Llewellyn before but the lovely Francesca at Penguin kindly sent me a copy of her recent release Lovestruck to review and it couldn t have come at a better time as the last few books I have read have been real intense tear jerkers so I needed something light and enjoyableRosie and Jake look like they have a perfect life a loving relationship two gorgeous little boys a grand house like all the rich and famous but sometimes fame and money just isn t enough as Rosie is beginning to find out Jake s career seems to be going from strength to strength but the time he manages to spend at their new home with Rosie and the boys is becoming less and less and poor Rosie is beginning to feel very lonely sometimes when your dreams come true they never seem uite so goodThis book was the perfect read at the perfect time for me It follows the relationship of Rosie and Jake who are both fabulous characters who have got a lucky break but it shows that although you can have all the money in the world it doesn t buy love and happiness The couple s main problem was the fact that they couldn t communicate all of their problems could have been avoided if they were to have actually sat down and spoken to each other which is a day to day problem with a lot of couples so I am sure there will be a few readers who will relate to thisI also loved the way the author managed to create such loathing characters that really got under my skin such as Yolande and Becki oh boy did I love to hate them I can t believe how well Rosie coped with them she deserved a medalI particularly enjoyed the last few chapters of this book because the pace of the book uickened and there was a lot of things revealed that I didn t see coming which was a great bonus This book really makes you appreciate what you have got rather than what you wantI love discovering new authors and I have found a great one with Julia Llewellyn thanks to Francesca I cannot wait to try another book by this author and I would definitely recommend this book

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review Lovestruck Read & Download Lovestruck 107 Ake struggled to make it as an actor waiting for that big lucky breakWhen he got it courtesy of his agent Christy who also happens to be Rosie's best friend everything changed Suddenly Jake was hardly there working hard always in demand a rising starBut as fame and fortune reveals a side to Jake that Rosie's n. It was an alright story but nothing great I was surprised by how things turned out with Jake as he was a real jerk most of the book

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review Lovestruck Read & Download Lovestruck 107 Ot sure she likes she begins to wonder just how well she knows the man she married And soon enough she's uestioning how far she can trust the woman always at his side her best friend Christy Lovestruck by Julia Llewellyn is a witty and engaging story about always playing second best and not uite living the dre. Beginning with a prologue of Rosie and Jake s first night together we re then taken to moving day from Neasden to upmarket The Village They now have two sons George 2 and Toby 4 Through flashbacks we re shown some of the backstoryRosie is now a full time mum with a different routine from previously running herself ragged trying to work and look after the children she s now at a loose end in The Village and hoping to make friends with the other mum s Not only is Jake absent a lot but when he is home he s brought into the whole stardom package Rosie feels her life spiralling out of control She feels and uncomfortable not only with the absence of Jake but also in using Jake s success to gain things that would have been unreachable before compromising her principles Christy is also moving further and further away from herThere are also other conflicts in the story and although I had guessed what was coming this adds depth to the plotI loved the tongue in cheek humour and what fabulous characters Mother in law Yolande and sister in law Becki are characters that certainly got my back up I loved Patrizia and her laid back attitude Rosie s nanna is down to earth and I loved the care and concern they had for each other Rosie is a great lead Her vulnerability comes across really well but when she needs the strength it s there This romantic read was just what I neededLovestruck is the story of how Rosie and Jake s relationship cope with the changes that success brings and what can happen when you give your power away It s about other people s perceptions and how they may not always be correct

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