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William Kuhn Ï 0 read review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï William Kuhn summary Mrs ueen Takes the Train N Leith Scotland is just the cure she needs Hidden beneath a skull emblazoned hoodie the limber Elizabeth thank goodness for yoga walks out of Buckingham Palace into the freedom of a rainy London day to catch the train to Scotland at King's Cross But an unlikely sextet of royal attendants a lady in waiting a butler an euerry a mistress of the Mews a dresser and a clerk from the shop that serves the ueen's cheese join together to find their missing monarch and bring her back before her absence sets off a national scandalM. Well this was a really delightful little find I can not remember which of my friends recommended this to me but thank you anyway It is a sweetly heartwarming tale of a few fictitious days in the life of the modern monarch And I will add here that I am no dyed in the wool monarchist not by a long shot Oh how I wish that this was a true mini biography It brings to us an elderly lady who has always done her duty and now finds herself reflecting that she is not really appreciated for that nor content to keep onA wonderful read for a rainy day when nothing was so important and pressing that I had to put it down and get on with real life The cast of unlikely characters that all come together for the common goal is fun but each has a story of their own that surfaces as the tale develops I did feel a little let down in the final chapter when everyone except the ueen was perfectly paired and it felt like a bit of sickly sweet happily ever after However I now think that William Kuhn used this to cleverly highlight the solitary state of the ueens position and her strengthI really really hope that at some stage in the future I will read that the ueen actually is a practitioner of yoga that would make my day

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William Kuhn Ï 0 read review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï William Kuhn summary Mrs ueen Takes the Train A lively witty debut novel reminiscent of Alan Bennett's An Uncommon Reader following ueen Elizabeth as she surreptitiously strolls out of the palace for a little respite from her duties and the small band of courtiers who set out to find her before a national scandal explodesAfter decades of service and years of watching her family's troubles splashed across the tabloids ueen Elizabeth needs some proper cheering up An impromptu visit to the place that holds her happiest memories the former royal yacht Britannia moored i. Mrs ueen Takes The Train is the first novel by American biographer historian author and self confessed Anglophile William Kuhn Not feeling uite her usual self The ueen pops down to the Mews to check on Elizabeth the mare born on her own birthday Then in a hoodie borrowed from Rebecca the young stable lass she sets off to Paxton and Whitfield OK this is not the actual shop she went to this is the Stratford upon Avon branch to get some of the mare s favourite cheddar before heading to King s Cross station The Royal Yacht Britannia is moored up in Leith and she feels maybe a visit to one of her happy places might improve her mood And seeing as that irritating Prime Minister is telling her the Royal Train is too costly to maintain she ll take the Great North Eastern Railway to Edinburgh Waverley When the Palace staff realise she s missing their first concern is for her safety They do however want to minimise any sensationalist tabloid headlines so a loyal young euerry joins forces with a senior butler a lady in waiting The ueen s Dresser Rebecca from the Mews and budding poet and cheese seller Etonian Rajiv Laroia to track her down whilst keeping an aggressive MI5 at bay Kuhn s narrative jumps from the present to past events as The ueen reminisces and as the other major characters are fleshed out Kuhn touches on some topical subjects racial prejudice the relevance of the monarchy depression post traumatic stress disorder ageing the cost of rail travel homosexuality in the forces fox hunting and the cost of maintaining tradition Yoga cheddar cheese a blind couple an Alsatian named Hohenzollern a much pierced youth Julie Andrews a social worker ueen Beatrix of the Netherlands Shakespeare s Henry V a late night tea van and a Hermes scarf all play a part This novel has plenty of laugh out loud moments much dry wit and also the odd lump in the throat moment Kuhn s characters are easy to like and than one dimensional Kuhn s version of The ueen is wholly credible This novel is an absolute pleasure to read and fans will be hoping for from Kuhn soon

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William Kuhn Ï 0 read review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï William Kuhn summary Mrs ueen Takes the Train Rs ueen Takes the Train offers a fresh new look at a seemingly arcane institution and a woman who wonders if she too has become a relic of the past William Kuhn paints a charming yet biting portrait of British social political and generational rivalries between servants and royals the monarchy and the government the old and the young Humorous and poignant fast paced and clever this delightful debut tweaks the pomp of the British monarchy going beneath its rigid formality to reveal the human heart of the woman at its cent. It s like that movie Baby s Day Out 1994 or less flippantly Roman Holiday 1953 also Chasing Liberty 2004 man they do this kind of thing a surprising lot in the moviesWhy wasn t this released during the Olympics when people were Anglo jonesing Or right after when they had the Anglo munchies This far out I think we re all just Anglo over it Except for me I m an Anglo slut And no I do not think I m clever or creative Mrs ueen Takes the Train is such a cute book I mean the ueen does yoga That is a wrinkly cute splosion I wish Kuhn had included some moments of this invented mythos At least I think it s invented a uick google reveals nothing concrete Apparently Kuhn did a lot of research for this which I know because he shoves it all in to prove this I get that but if he did his homework he wouldn t need to shove The research should inform the writing and not dictate content so much It is the invented moments the yoga the sweet but stern voice the ueen s majority gay male staff is that real because if so haha and awesome that make the book shine The real moments revealed by research have such a heady deja vu feeling that makes them feel perfunctory Also he totally took that Annie Leibovitz thing from the brouhaha over the Beeb editing that trailer to that documentary and from the doc itself The other characters have their own charm except for Rajiv boy did I hate Rajiv The upstairs downstairs ness of their relationships is a bit too deliberate The same could be said for the structure which flings the two opposites together with such force that we can see the wires as they herky jerk their way to the finish It didn t really hinder my enjoyment though It s obvious but oh well Also I hated Rajiv That s my own pettiness though He had redeeming ualities as a character Was it just me was he supposed to be the hero of the whole thing Kuhn seemed to love him He was the only character who didn t really get put in hisher place Maybe I just think that because he annoyed meMy one big complaint is the length of the chunks each character gets It seems like they just get going and then whoosh we re off to the next one There s seven characters and instead of a pleasing Altman esue uality it produces a speed dating uality I think one section is literally two or three pages And then we have the Diana ness This sort of goes along with the invention argument Just because a lot of the material about the ueen and the monarchy talks about Diana does that mean the ueen actually obsesses as much about Diana as the media does I wouldn t think so but what do I know It was just a lot of obsessing but if Kuhn s point was to bring the ueen back to Earth to say that she s one of us not me though I m Texan ya ll maybe he s saying that her Diana obsession makes her no different than the bourgeoisie Imagine that the ueen is just a dotty old lady wearing a skull hoodie