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Under the Water characters ´ 104 Ness causing them to swerve off the road The injured stranger says her name is Mara Miles from help they invite her to stay But Mara is hiding a secret And she is not the only oneWas it all just another inexplicable accident Or have they opened the door to an escalating family nightmare designed to tear their perfect world apar. Paul Pen is a Spanish author whose work is routinely translated into English My first experience reading one of his novels was Desert Flowers a highly uniue haunting yet disturbing story It s one that remains with me to this day despite the fact I read it in early 2018 A book like that sets a high bar for anything that follows When I saw Under the Water I couldn t wait to download itThe story started off with a bang a family of four moving from Seattle to Boston traveling across country in an RV planning to sightsee along the way We get the idea they are hoping for a new start after a series of misfortunes The ten year old son lost his eye in an accident the teenage daughter s two pet ferrets disappeared the mother s hair is now healthy again after falling out in clumps Weird huh This is when the book is good offering sketchy details that are never uite filled inThen while night driving in a secluded area the husband clips a woman who leaps onto the road Here things started to sour instead of kicking into high gear My first problem was accepting that a family of four traveling across country wouldn t pack a single flashlight in their RV An RV Instead they rely on their cell phones for flashlights and of course those end up missingAfter that the story degenerates into a hot mess especially when the woman s reasons for being on the road are revealed It reuires a stretch of the imagination and dedication to stay with the book Had it been any author other than Paul Pen I would have probably stopped reading I wanted mystery A haunting disturbing plot like Desert Flowers Instead I got infidelity and revenge I ve read plenty of books with unlikable characters that I found enthralling but this one fell short Toss in the fact the opening chapter seems gimmicky and unnecessary after you know the ending and I can t give this book than 3 stars

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Under the Water characters ´ 104 In a catastrophic accident and a bizarre poisoning that’s left Grace feeling especially unnerved Packing up their RV for a move across the country they’re ready for a fresh start expecting to leave all their problems safely behindThen one night on the road to their new home the figure of a young woman emerges from the dark. Frank and Grace abandon their old lives and try to leave their troubles behind Frank has gotten a job transfer and they are moving across the country in search of a fresh startI think the book started with a little slow pace but with every chapter it got better and I was hooked in the plot and wanted to know what happened next but some scenes where kind of unrealisticThank you to Netgalley and publisher for opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

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Under the Water characters ´ 104 What does the perfect family have to fear most The perfect stranger From the outside Frank and Grace seem to have the perfect family He’s a loving husband she’s a devoted wife and together they have two happy children But appearances can be deceiving A strange series of misfortunes has left them reeling an unexplained break. Under the Water is a very difficult book to review without spoiling it so I m going to keep this as vague as possible Frank and Grace along with their two children Audrey and Simon are making a break from Seattle to move to Boston after a string of terrible luck They are hoping for a fresh start in a new city to set things right again One night while on the road they encounter a woman and let s just say that their lives will never be the same again This book had such a feeling of dread and I had a hard time putting this down Who is this woman Is she a ghost Is something supernatural happening here I really had no idea and then the author casually slips in the connection and turns the entire story on it s head but in a really great way I really enjoyed this dark story I m 2 for 2 with Paul Pen now so I look forward to what he comes up with next 4 stars One uick note The teenage daughter is a social justice warrior that preaches political correctness constantly and this will likely annoy people It didn t detract from the story for me but it may for others Thank you to NetGalley and Crossing for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review