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Marked (Lesser-Bred #2)

review ç Marked (Lesser-Bred #2) 100 This is book 2 of the Lesser Bred Series Book 1 is StainedIt’s been twelve years since Alex lived the nightmare that changed his life Then an inhuman killer comes to Blytheville Arkansas and starts taking the lives of prostitutes While investigating the death of the killer’s latest victim Alex Jackson finds himself face. This is not a romance This is a dystopic fantasy story There is love Deep love but still this is not a romance It is the continuation from Book 1 in the series but twelve years later It has a realism to it that is gritty and a deep underlying sense of unshakeable melancholy that screams southern writer The battles Alex and Mike face in this one don t go where you expect Mike s struggles and reality over a decade later are definitely evenly weighed on the scales Some good and some bad I guess the acceptance is what makes it bleak This is not an optimistic story but it is a survival one Favorite uote To not eat you would be a disgrace You re too important for me let you rot

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review ç Marked (Lesser-Bred #2) 100 Costs Mike understands these rules and he follows them that is until Alex walks back into his life accusing him of a string of grisly murdersIt doesn’t take Mike long to realize this isn’t about Alex’s search for a killer It’s about Alex facing the monster that has haunted has dreams And Mike knows that monster is hi. I m totally addicted to this author s world building Engrossing and moving The end totally got me crying I m eagerly awaiting the next book

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review ç Marked (Lesser-Bred #2) 100 To face with someone he never thought he’d see again Someone he never wanted to seeMike has made peace with himself He’s accepted what he is and knows it does not make him who he is As a Lesser Bred living in a Human world it’s the only way for him to survive And if becoming has taught Mike anything it’s live at all. Warning There is no HEA in this story and it has both mf and mmThis was another excellent installment with the Kin Dragon world I was hoping for a happy ending but was okay with what went down It would be great to have a book after this one where Alex gets to belong Be sure to have your kleenex with you when reading this one because it is a real tear jerker