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  • The Valmiki Syndrome
  • Ashok K. Banker
  • English
  • 04 February 2018
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READ & DOWNLOAD ä The Valmiki Syndrome Elusive treasure of modern existence personal fulfillment As Banker candidly puts it no book or guru can change your life Only you can The Valmiki Syndrome inspires you to start toda. Banker has tried to give a Vedic angle to the 3 eternal uestions of life1 Who am I2 What do I want to become3 How can I become thatand tried to explain it very nicely after all that is his forte through different stories and by expressing his views in the middle of the storiesI would rate it as a good read however I was not very happy with it I expected from the book not in terms of the answers to those uestions for sureDetailed review at my blog

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READ & DOWNLOAD ä The Valmiki Syndrome Using the story of Ratnakaran the bandit and his transformation into Valmiki the sage as well as other present day examples Banker shows us how the dilemma between work goals and pers. The Valmiki Syndrome uses the katha format to convey three major messages that are relevant to all humans Striking a balance between professional and personal life is paramount for most of us Some may choose to focus only in one area and that is fine too as long as it is a conscious decision Why a conscious decision So that later on life when you look back you do not do so regretfully The author s presentation drew me into the book to the extent that I read it way past bedtime son at least 2 nights much to the irritation of the spouse of course While reading the book I found myself reflecting on my life and on how some of the people I have come across would fit into the characters painted so vividly As a youngster when I asked my elders as to why the learning of shlokas by rote and passing it down the ages verbally was seen as an achievement I did not get convincing responses The author provides some answers to thisThe book makes me want to read the Ramayana once again As the author says it has all the answers to the uestions that the reader can have The last time I read it I may not had too many uestions to ask so let me try again

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READ & DOWNLOAD ä The Valmiki Syndrome Onal relationships has always been around in one form or another–and so has the solution Insightful thought provoking and utterly inspiring The Valmiki Syndrome is a map to the most. Some valid points Applied to daily existence