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  • Hardcover
  • 176
  • L'Identité
  • Milan Kundera
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9780060175641

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Read & Download L'Identité Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Loved oneWith stunning artfulness in expanding and playing variations on the meaningful moment Milan Kundera has made this situation and the vague sense of panic it inspires the very fabric of his new novel Here brevity goes hand in hand with intensity and a moment of bewilderment marks the start of a labyrinthine journey during which the reader repeatedly c. This small gripping novel is the story of two lovers Jean Marc and Chantal It moves from one to the other following assumptions emotions beliefs and ideas some shared but mostly held in secret It s about being seen and about how we see each other Identity is not fixed but is drawn from the mirrors around us One of the messages of this novel is that in order to love you need to be certain that you know who the other person is Once you start to doubt your lover s identity love is eroded In this novel when love starts to crumble the lovers encounter their own secret fears For Chantal this means being naked and for Jean Marc it means becoming a beggar The desperation of their own fears drive them back to the safety of their relationshipOne thread of the story concerns Jean Marc and his friend F who is nameless because he is rejected as a friend Jean Marc does not trust F any and withholds recognition of their shared past Throughout the book every trembling inner movement is echoed by some outer event even if only a passing glance or a uick conversation This gives the novel a sure rhythm

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Read & Download L'Identité Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Milan Kundera's Identitynbsp translated from the French by Linda AsherThere are situations in which we fail for a moment to recognize the person we are with in which the identity of the other is erased while we simultaneously doubt our own That also happens with couples indeed above all with couples because lovers fear than anything else losing sight of the. Whenever I m at a loss for what to read next and don t want to take any risks I reread either Vonnegut Murakami or Kundera I ve probably read this book five times but I love him so I don t care You know maybe it s that old problem of how sometimes with really distinctive authors all their works sort of blur together retroactively but wow Only the first like twenty pages seemed familiar to me even though I am sure I ve read this several times before The whole last third where everything gets all dreamy weird and cerebral and symbolic you know during the view spoiler orgy hide spoiler

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Read & Download L'Identité Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rosses the border between the real and the unreal between what occurs in the world outside and what the mind creates in its solitudeOf all contemporary writers only Kundera can transform such a hidden and disconcerting perception into the material for a novel one of his finest most painful and most enlightening Which surprisingly turns out to be a love story. Milan Kundera and I are both April fools so I have always felt a sense of kinship with him I do not know if April Fool s Day is celebrated in the Czech Republic but I pretend that it is and that he too endured fake cakes and tricks as a child Kundera is best known for the beautifully titled Unbearable Lightness of Being This book is similar in that it explores human relationships but it s also very differentKundera has lived in France for many years and this book feels French it feels like a French movie Identity is a brief novel exploring a relationship As we read the book we re inside the head of Chantal and then we re inside the head of Jean Marc her lover It s hard to figure out who they are and what they feel but I think that s the point of the novel It displays the ways in which emotions shift and relationships change My favorite scene from the book is half way through Chantal and Jean Marc are at a restaurant for dinner and observe a silent couple at another table and they discuss what that means You can t measure the mutual affection of two human beings by the number of words they exchange says Jean Marc and then goes on to describe his aunt in Perigord who talks and talks without stop and replicates in words everything she sees and everything she does Being so intimately involved in the pushpull of their relationship is uncomfortable at times In my last review I critiued Michael Chabon for his lack of emotion Well Kundera is at the other end of that spectrum Feelings and relationship are the core of the story Identity is a uick yet emotionally affective read Jealousy codependence insecurities all are witnessed here But what is most clear after reading this book is how relationships shift and change sometimes in the span of just a few minutes And then you re often right back where you started