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  • Hardcover
  • 264
  • Into the Cold Fire Daughters of the Moon #2
  • Lynne Ewing
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9780786806546

Summary Into the Cold Fire Daughters of the Moon #2

Into the Cold Fire Daughters of the Moon #2 characters ↠ 104 Serena is being targeted by the Dark Side Her power to read minds is what they need in order to destroy the Daughters of the Moon And Sere. This review is also posted on my blog view spoilerSo I m not sure what it is about these books they re not without their problems and they re a bit too simple even for their intended age range and they didn t particularly age the best but I still have a soft spot for them I devoured the whole series in middle school and I LOVED it then and re reading it now in my late 20 s early 30 s I still enjoy them uite a bitAnd I DEFINITELY can see how this helped spark my love of the aesthetic good lordBut it s the issues I mentioned that drop it down to three stars cause augh they can t be overlooked The lack of offensive power on the Daughters parts the dependence on stereotypes the obvious plot twists the boy craziness how adult and sexualized 15 year old girls are portrayed how wolf whi

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Into the Cold Fire Daughters of the Moon #2 characters ↠ 104 Na has always had a rebellious side to her that may not be able to resist the seductive temptation of the Dark Side and Stanton their sexy. This is the second book in the Daughters of the Moon series and saying I loved it a hell of a lot than the first one would be the understatement of the century It wasn t because the first book sucked it was a fine three star book but THIS oneIt tells the story of the other daughter Serena and her struggle with temptation when it comes to the dark sideThe story was really well written because of the almost none linear narration and that s pretty much all I can say about the subject without spoiling anythingThe female characters were all strong but vulnerable at times and I liked that very much made them seem very powerful and real I really loved this book because it made me like characters I didn t in the first and also a plus GREEK MYTHOLOGY REFRENCES CAN I GET A HELL YEAHAll and all I loved the sombr

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Into the Cold Fire Daughters of the Moon #2 characters ↠ 104 Mesmerizing leader Set in mystical desert raves and gritty LA streets this second Daughters of the Moon is a provocative and powerful rea. For starters I think I enjoyed this book much than the first one This book focuses on Serena who is probably my favorite of the four girls As a result I connected to this book than the firstGOOD As i said i like this book much than the first I connected really well with Serena so it made the book that much enjoyable I like the plot of this one as well Every detail seemed to connect so well and it all resolved into a great ending I cant wait to move on to the third bookBAD One major thing bothered me about this book It s not nessesarly a big deal but it got a bit on my nerves That thing is that she kept asking her self uestions purposely to build suspense or to create foreshadowing This isn t bad when done once or twice but it s done multiple times in practically every chapter Again it s not technicall