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  • Hardcover
  • 391
  • Salt to the Sea
  • Ruta Sepetys
  • English
  • 06 August 2018
  • 9780399160301
Salt to the Sea

Free download ´ Salt to the Sea 100 Dvancing Red Army The ship was overcrowded with than 10500 passengers the intended capacity was approximately 1800 and than 9000 people including 5000 children lost their lives Sepetys writer of 'Between Shades of Gray' crafts four fictionalized but historically accurate voices to convey the real life tragedy Joana a. Update Here is my video review book is a masterpiece It takes place during WW2 and follows 4 characters as they are seeking freedom on the Wilhelm Gustloff a ship that promises safety to all Going into it I was very apprehensive about reading it Historical fiction is not a genre I typically reach for But this book blew me away It s safe to say that this book was the best book I have read this year The writing in the book was so phenomenal The way that Ruta laid out the story through her writing was so just beautiful I felt like every single word in this novel had a purpose There were these sentences that she would lace throughout the different points of view to connect them that I just thought was so brilliant Out of the four main characters I loved 3 of them I felt so much for them and their struggles Towards the end of the book I felt like they were people I knew and I desperately wished I could change their fate I also LOVED the side characters just as much as the main The one main character I didn t like was a character that you aren t suppose to like so that wasn t necessarily a problem I just didn t find myself enjoying his chapters as much as the others This is a book that I know will stick with me and I am going to be thinking about these characters forever You definitely won t want to miss this book

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Free download ´ Salt to the Sea 100 Lithuanian with nursing experience; Florian a Prussian soldier fleeing the Nazis with stolen treasure; and Emilia a Polish girl close to the end of her pregnancy converge on their escape journeys as Russian troops advance; each will eventually meet Albert a Nazi peon with delusions of grandeur assigned to the Gustloff dec. Such a beautiful yet tragic story Ruta Sepetys has such a way with words Video review to come

Summary Salt to the Sea

Free download ´ Salt to the Sea 100 While the Titanic and Lusitania are both well documented disasters the single greatest tragedy in maritime history is the little known January 30 1945 sinking in the Baltic Sea by a Soviet submarine of the Wilhelm Gustloff a German cruise liner that was supposed to ferry wartime personnel and refugees to safety from the a. I have never been so simultaneously sad and angry while reading a book in my whole life